Kink and Romance: Nobility

Delilah stormed down the corridor, determined to confront the man who’d stolen the last tendrils of hope from her heart. His men had ripped them like weeds from a garden bed as they ransacked her family’s home and killed them in their beds.

Had she been moments earlier, her blood would be mingled with theirs sinking into the cold, dark earth. She shook the horrid images from her mind and focused on the few words she would have with the king. The bastard hadn’t even been on the throne for three seasons before his men raped the land in his name.

Slowing her pace, Delilah took several deep breaths to clear the rage festering inside of her weary body. She needed to compose herself, otherwise the guards would seize her immediately, especially if they deemed her a threat to the king.

The throne room loomed ahead. She caught a glimpse of the silver and emerald liveried guards keeping watch outside. Her mind set, she exhaled and walked with determined stride toward the doors.

Without warning, Delilah felt a firm tug on her arm before stumbling into a corridor concealed by thick tapestries. A firm grasp on her arms steadied her before she slammed into the stone floor. Of all the days…she frowned as she brushed the hands from her person. Once she caught her bearing, she turned her attention to the person who’d interrupted her mission.

The man before her wore a dark expression to match his apparel. She eyed his modest but well-made clothes. A sword lay strapped to his right hip and a leather doublet beneath his crossed arms. His long, mahogany hair was tied back, although some of the curls had escaped, framing his beard covered face. The intensity of his eyes pinned her to the spot. Indignance rose like a coiled serpent in her chest.

“Why have you detained me?” she asked as she straightened her bodice and skirts.

“They would have tossed you out in the street on your arse had you come to the king in those rags and stinking of a pigsty.” He smirked at her with a brow raised. “Better run along home, schmutzig Kind.”

“I am not dirty!” Delilah scowled at him. “And I’m no child.”

“Is that so?” The glint in his eyes made her blink twice before she realized he’d taken her denial as a challenge. He stood close, too close for her comfort. A glance at her surroundings confirmed her fears…he had her trapped. “Perhaps I should take you in and make you my own personal pet.”

She shook her head. “I…Aren’t knights supposed to be chivalrous?”

He chuckled. “I am a knight if you be a lady.”

“Who are you then? And why do you insist on teasing me thus?” Delilah swatted his hand away when he reached for her.

The man moved like a wolf, striking at the most vulnerable area on its prey. He leaned close pinning her against the cool stone wall. His hands held her wrists even as she twisted to free herself from his grip.

“Those of elevated birth take pains to teach those beneath them,” he whispered against her cheek. “Even I cannot allow a peasant in rags and filth pay court to my brother without a proper escort. Those savage nobles might mistake you for sustenance and devour you whole.”

“You…” Delilah ceased speaking when his lips brushed against hers.

“Would you deny a starving man?”


It’s a bit rough, but I like the general direction. What do you think? I love the possibilities with the theme of Nobility. *rubs hands together* Perhaps they shall make an appearance again in a later story? What did you think of today’s teaser?  Let me know!


Writing Process

Chris Musgrave, you flatter me, sir. While Chris embraces his dark side by writing horror, I tend to embrace my sensual side and write romance…well romantic erotica to be specific. It’s a fine line between romance and erotica. I also like to focus on the darker side of romance, the forbidden pleasures of the flesh, all the while being sure to incorporate elements of love into the process. So no, it’s not all about the sex; it’s about the journey of sensual discovery.

I’ve been remiss in posting since the A-Z Blog Challenge, for that I apologize. But twenty-six posts in a row is enough to fry anyone’s brain. Especially when mine focused on Loki…*purrs like a contented kitten*. Wait, where was I? Oh, yes, writing process post…forgive me, it seems my muse has decided to participate in the daily torture of my creative process.

Chris has requested I answer four questions:

  • What am I working on at the moment?
  • How does my work differ from others of its genre?
  • Why do I write what I do?
  • How does my writing process work?

Then came the catch: find three worthy writers and force them to answer the same questions. I have no idea who I should nominate who hasn’t been already, so I’m not tagging anyone, and you can’t make me. *sticks tongue out* I do what I want.

Now, moving on darlings, I have quite a full day here…Must remain focused.

What am I working on at the moment?

I’m working on a medieval romantic erotica tale. I haven’t decided if it’s a series of novellas or a novel, those details are to be determined at a later date (as in once I’ve finished writing it all down.)

Now, the idea for this story was born of the Dirty Loki Whispers. I’ll confess it now, I like them. Sue me. But they sparked some whispers of their own in my mind. So I began writing them down and realized…they weren’t Loki. The delightful whispers came from a medieval prince, Crispin. He soon became a frequent resident of my thoughts and thus his story demanded to be told.

I am at his mercy…and I like it. Don’t send help.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I have no idea. I’d like to think I’m unique. Most romantic erotica or general erotica stories have a contemporary setting. Mine…well, not so much. I gravitate toward historical. I think that sets my stories apart.

While I try to be historically accurate, I do take artistic license. Isn’t that the point of fiction though? *grins*

Why do I write what I do?

I like romance, I love sex, and I’m passionate about writing. So why not combine all three and write what I would WANT to read. Plus it’s illegal to kidnap people and force them to act out your fantasies. So there’s that conundrum. *teasing* Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.

In all honesty, I write what my characters tell me to write. A spark, an idea takes root and I let it grow, shaping it into something precious and unique. It’s a curse some times, having all those characters inhabit your brain, fighting for your attention. And to make it worse, my sexy imagination often takes things to the next level. Is it hot in here? Oh no, that’s just my characters plotting their next tryst. *giggles*

How does my writing process work?

What works for me is just sitting my butt in the chair and writing. I do writing sprints with prompts to get my brain in gear. I also enjoy writing with other writers while on Skype. It forces me to be productive, and they hold me accountable. Sometimes whips are involved.

I do use a basic outline, so I have a general direction for the story. But I allow a lot of free reign for my characters to show me their journey. When I let them speak, it often comes out more naturally than if I try to strong arm them into compliance. Crispin is often amused by my attempts to dominate him.

Ultimately, I wish I could write more and at a faster pace, but I’m truly blessed with the small community of writer’s I’ve surrounded myself with because they push me to constantly improve my craft.


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