Editing Services

Let me be clear, I will challenge, push, and encourage you. As a writer, we need constructive criticism to grow in our craft. If you are willing and open-minded, then step into my office and allow us to discuss the possibilities before you.

Open to any manuscript of fiction only, all genres welcome (science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, etc), although romance is my strongest suit and my passion.

All prices are per double spaced page of the manuscript. Half payment due before edits begin, the second half due upon completion of edits.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to me at jen_bradlee@hotmail.com. Thank you!


The Submitter

For those of you who are thinking of submitting to a publishing house or an agent, this is the package for you. An in depth round of content edits to polish your manuscript and push you as an author. I will be your Sensei and train you in the ways of the writing ninja, well, you get the point. $1.75 per page


The Self-Publisher

If you’re thinking of self-publishing your manuscript, I highly recommend this option. It includes two rounds of intense content edits plus a round of proof/line edits to catch any errant mistakes that might have slipped through the cracks. $2.00 per page


The I-Can’t-See-The-Errors-Anymore HELP ME!

This package is tailored for those who need a fresh pair of eyes on the manuscript. Mostly looking for any continuity errors, grammar or spelling mistakes, typos, and the like. Simple, quick, and painless…for the most part. $1.00 per page


The Consultation

Send me the first chapter (no more than 30 pages) of your manuscript, and I will give you feedback on it including suggestions for what package to choose if you would like. This service is a $20 flat fee.

The Punisher

Coming Soon.

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