A-Z Blog Challenge Day 3


“Don’t get too cocky, life will always find a way to humble you.” ~ Unknown

“Confidence is too often the result of ignorance. If you’re feeling cocky,

it’s probably because there’s something you don’t know.” ~ Unknown

I’ll admit.  I was torn with the letter “C”.  At first glance, Loki comes off as cocky and a bit arrogant,  especially in the Avengers.  He has a chip on his shoulder through the film. Tony Stark calls him a “Full-tilt Diva”.  But was the power trip merely a cover for some grander scheme?

Loki had been banished from Asgard, tossed from the bridge at the end of Thor. When he appears in the Avengers, he looks like hell, worse than after he’d been smashed by the Hulk, blown up by Hawkeye’s arrow, and beaten with Thor’s hammer. Okay well basically after getting his ass handed to him by the Avengers, he still looks better than he did after coming through the portal in the beginning.

So the question remains…was his attitude, be it confidence or cockiness, part of the role he assigned himself so he could achieve his ultimate goal of returning to Asgard?  I believe it was.

Although I will say this, Loki always carries himself with an air of confidence that to some could appear as cocky. Is it merely the connotation of the words? A villain would be seen as cocky, while an anti hero would be portrayed as confident.

What do you think, is Loki Confident or Cocky?  Does it matter?

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