Tease Me Thursday

Crispin has returned.  Enjoy

No warning today…*wink*


Ruby approached a small cottage tucked near the edge of the clearing, alongside a less traveled road. She hoped Marian was home. There was only one person she could trust, the only person who would understand.

Sliding from the saddle, Ruby tethered the horse to a post outside the cottage. She licked her lips and raised her hand to knock, when the door opened. A pair of friendly hazel eyes set in a wrinkled, well seasoned face met hers.

“Ah, my little gem,” the old woman said with a chuckle. “Come in, child, come in.” She moved aside, welcoming Ruby into her home.

The small cottage held a simplicity and warmth, embracing her as she stepped into the room. A savory stew simmered on the stove, its tantalizing scent curling around her. Her stomach growled in response. She pressed her hand to her middle and glanced at the old woman, embarrassed.

“Sit,” Marian commanded, motioning to the table. She went to the pot hanging over the fire and ladled the steaming stew into a small bowl. Setting it before her, Marian slid into the chair across the table and watched her.

Ruby devoured every morsel. Her full stomach warmed and the warmth infused her whole body. She sighed, contented.

“What happened?” Marian’s tone made her look up at the old woman. Her wise eyes missed nothing it seemed.

“I believe I’ve made a terrible mistake.” Ruby buried her face in her hands. She took a deep breath and then looked at the old woman again. Marian had been there for her years before, when she had been wandering through the forest, cold and alone. The kind woman had taken her in, clothed her, fed her, and then taught her to survive and how to fight. Most importantly, she taught her how to make a difference.

“Well, it could always be worse, you could have gotten caught,” Marian said in an attempt to soothe her. Ruby laughed.

“I rescued a man several nights ago. Saved him from being killed outside a brothel.”

“As I taught you to do, help those who cannot help themselves.”

“It was the prince.” Ruby’s voice trembled. Marian’s eyes widened slightly, her withered hand clenching into a fist and releasing repeatedly. She pressed on. “I gave myself to him.”

Marian’s jaw opened and closed a few times, no sound emerging. With a heavy exhale, she finally found her voice. “You’d better start at the beginning, child.”


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Tease Me Thursday

This week is another snippet from Crispin’s story. Enjoy.

******NSFW: Graphic descriptions and general bad-assery********


“These dogs have been a menace to the people for far too long, and the King’s men have done nothing to halt their attacks.  They must be dealt with.”

“You believe you are up to the task then?” Cris asked, watching her closely. “Tell me, lovely Ruby, how many men have you killed?”

For a moment, she stared at him, distracted by his compliment, then his question struck her. “Too many,” she said as she fingered the bow at her side.

“Not with an arrow, at a distance,” he said, leaning closer, his gaze rived to hers, his blue eyes piercing her own.  Her heart fluttered and pounded. “I mean looked them in the eye as you plunged the blade in their chest, then watched the life slowly drain from them.”

Ruby opened her mouth to answer but snapped it closed.  The truth was, she hadn’t, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him.  She wasn’t proud of the fact that she’d killed anyone at all, but something in his expression made her want to earn his approval.  But that was ridiculous.  Why should she care what a pompous noble’s son thought of her?  She pressed her lips together.

“That’s what I thought,” he said, the corners of his mouth twisting up. “You haven’t.”

“Does it matter?” she snapped.

“It does.  What if one of your rescues went awry and one of the bandits has you pinned, ready to rape you or worse?  Your bow can’t save you.  Will you let him take you any way he wishes and then steal your last breaths with agony and pain?”

She stared at him, her jaw clenched tight.  “I shall defend myself as necessary.”

“Even if that means slitting his throat?”


His eyes narrowed. “I don’t believe you.  I could take a blade to your throat right now and you’d let me live.”

Ruby slapped him, the crack of her palm against his cheek louder than she thought it would be.  His smile widened, his eyes laughing as they focused on her again.  She raised her hands to strike him again, and his hand encircled her wrist.

Within a breath, he was straddling her legs, his hands around both wrists, effectively pinning her against the tree.  She glared at him as he sat on her lap.  Ruby jerked her body, trying to free herself.  His hold tightened.

“Get off of me,” she ground out from between her teeth.

“I told you,” he said, leaning closer so his breath whispered across her cheek. “You couldn’t take me.”

“Let me at my dagger and I shall prove it.” Ruby met his gaze.  Her mind raged at her, screaming at the imminent danger.  It was her body that betrayed her as her back arched toward him, her breasts brushing against his doublet.

“Not today,” he said as his lips claimed hers.  The kiss went straight to her head, pleasure surged through her mingled with anger.  Indecision swirled through her like a whirlpool. The more she fought him, the harder he leaned against her, sliding his body along hers.  Delicious friction played between them.  Sparks of desire ignited inside of her.  Even though she didn’t want him, she wanted what he offered.  A hunger she didn’t even know she had awakened.


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Tease Me Thursday

Here’s another snippet of Crispin’s story. *wink* Enjoy.

**Warning: Violence**

Crispin stepped down onto the street when suddenly he was surrounded by four men. The two standing to his right and left grabbed his arms, while the third wrapped his arm around his throat from behind. He thrashed against their grasp, but they were huge, hulking beasts. He was out-manned and outmaneuvered. God’sblood, teeth, and bones.

“You and I have unfinished business,” the fourth man said, stepping into the light, allowing Crispin to see his face.

“You bloody bastard,” Crispin swore. “I’ll have your head for this.Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with?”

“The ass who stole my whore,” the man said, contempt dripping from his voice. “I don’t give cocks crow who you are.” He threw a punch, and it landed in Crispin’s stomach, knocking the air from his chest. “But you’re gonna pay.”

Crispin jerked, trying to break free, wheezing for breath. The man holding his head released him but stood like a solid wall against his back. He had to defend himself, but they were too strong. Three more blows landed in succession, two to his midsection and one cracking him across the jaw. The pain shot through him as the warm, coppery tang of blood filled his mouth. He spit.

“That the best you got?” Crispin knew it would only enrage the beast more, but he never did learn to back down, even in the most hopeless situations.

The man threw another punch, square in the chest over his heart. Crispin thought his heart stopped with that blow. The world began to spin as he gasped for breath, doubling over.The men still held him steady. Crispin coughed, spewing blood all over the man’s shoes. The assailant grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked his head back. He winced and then narrowed his gaze, refusing to show weakness.

A yelp of pain to his right was followed by his sudden release. A moment later, the second man released him, clutching at his arm. The man behind them backed away, as if sensing something wasn’t right. Crispin stumbled forward, trying to catch his breath. His eyes watered from the pain throbbing in his head.He glanced up and saw the man who had just been hitting him standing as still as a marble statue. Then Crispin saw the arrow protruding from the man’s chest. The man pitched forward and Crispin scrambled out of the way, slamming into the ground.

He lay there, staring up into the starlit night catching his breath. A figure stepped into his view wearing a dark cloak with the hood pulled up.

“You just gonna lay there and bleed?”


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Tease Me Thursday

The Prince of Whispers has returned with another teasing tidbit.

**Warning: He’s addictive and naughty. NSFW. **

Ruby arched into the warmth. She was having the most delightful dream. Part of her never wanted to leave and have to face the realities of the world. She remembered Cris’s wicked whispers and sighed. Then she remembered laying down next to him and…she was still there, lying beside him. At some point during the night, they had become intertwined. Cris was pressed against her back, his arm thrown across her stomach, his legs tangled in hers. It was the insistent erection rubbing against her ass that made her moan.

Cris’s grip on her tightened, pulling her more firmly into contact with all of him. She bit her lip, suppressing a whimper. He had been right about one thing. She did want him, in every way a woman could possibly desire a man. Her thoughts drifted back to the night before, when he had her pinned beneath him. Never had she dreamed being dominated by a man could be so arousing. She had nearly given into his invitation. One night with him, one night to do as she wished.

He had wanted to kiss her. Part of her wanted him to do it, to take it. Why did she want to give him so much power over her? She had worked hard to be independent, to protect herself. Was she really willing to throw it away for Cris? No, but one night…She squashed that thought like a bug beneath a boot. That didn’t stop her from wondering if his kiss would be like the rest of him: confident, selfish, and intoxicating. Ruby had been kissed before, but most of them had been uninspiring and left her feeling dirty and ashamed. Something about Cris, the way he carried himself, told her his kiss would be life changing.

Ruby felt Cris’s breath on her shoulder, gently caressing her bare neck. Her body thrummed in tandem with her racing heart. She was aware of every breath, every touch. She closes her eyes, savoring every moment. Once he woke, the fantasy would shatter. Her breath came in soft pants, and she tried to steady them, focusing on nothing in particular.

The soft press of his lips against her bare skin made her shiver. Ruby feigned sleep, forcing herself not to react to him. Every feather-light kiss brought her one step closer to combustion. His hand drifted across her stomach, brushing against the underside of her breast. She sighed as his hand closed over it. Her body screamed in reaction, moisture flooding her drawers. All she had to do was roll over and claim his lips. Give into his touch, his seductive embrace. She rubbed her ass against him again, inadvertently encouraging him. He groaned and slid his hand down her body, cupping her sex through the trousers. At the touch, Ruby’s eyes flew open. She whimpered.

“My pet,” he whispered in her ear, drawing the lobe between his teeth.


*fans self* Woo, well if that didn’t set you on fire, you might want to check your pulse. Teasing. I’m teasing. 🙂  I hope you enjoyed today’s teaser.

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Tease Me Thursday

I’ve brought Prince Crispin back to share a bit of his tale…enjoy.

**Warning: He’s rude and completely wicked. Spontaneous combustion of panties is possible. NSFW. **


As he eased himself into the scalding water, he sighed and his body immediately relaxed, soothed by the heat. Crispin leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and for the first time in more than a day, was able to indulge in the peace.

The sound of a door slamming startled him and he wrenched his eyes open. Ruby stood in his room, her back pressed against the door, her finger to her lips, pleading for his silence. He sat up, the tepid water sluicing around him. Her eyes widened as she realized that he was naked in the bath. She didn’t move. He grinned as the soft glow of a blush stole across her cheeks. So she wasn’t the ice queen she appeared to be.

A knock at the door broke his thoughts. “Just a moment,” he called. Crispin braced his hands on the sides of the wooden tub and lifted himself from the water. Without grabbing a drying cloth, he padded to the door where Ruby was standing, her jaw askew and her eyes as large as the full moon. He moved her against the wall and opened the door, hiding her behind it. A soldier stood in the hallway, his expression stern.

“I pray this is of great importance,” Crispin asked, boredom and irritation lacing his words.

“I beg your pardon, my lord,” the soldier stammered, taking notice of Crispin’s state of undress. “Have you seen a woman come through here?”

“I wish I could say I have. A woman to warm my bed might cure my ill temper after this. But sadly, I have not.” Crispin fixed his most intense princely glare on the soldier.

The man stammered and took a step back. “I am sorry to have disturbed your bath, my lord.” He turned and walked down the hall as though the hounds of hell nipped at his heels.

Crispin closed the door and locked it. He met Ruby’s gaze. “Can’t stay out of trouble, can you?”

Ruby shrugged, her gaze skimming across his face, daring to look lower, but hesitating at the last moment. He chuckled.

“I will leave you in peace, as soon as I’m sure they’ve gone,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “I thank you for not betraying my presence.”

Crispin pinned her against the wall, his hands on either side of her hips, his thighs brushing against her skirt. “Did you know I was in this room, or am I just the poor bloke you stumbled upon?”

“I knew you were here,” she said, tilting her chin up and meeting his gaze squarely. “I hoped that you would show a little compassion.”

His gaze narrowed. “Don’t mistake my interest in you for compassion, Ruby. I’ve never been a thoughtful or compassionate man.”

“What do you want from me?” she asked. “I have no coin, no wealth, nothing that would satisfy your greed.”

“Is that so,” he whispered, reaching up to brush his fingertips across her jaw and down her neck. She was softer than he’d imagined and his cock hardened at the solitary touch. “I think you underestimate your own value, my lady.” His hand stills instantly at the cold press of steel against his inner thigh.

“One more move, bastard, and I send an entire kingdom of whores into mourning.”


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Tease Me Thursday

So I’ve decided to post a little teaser from my Work In Progress (WIP)…which is appropriately named considering the story and the character I’m writing about.

Without further ado…I present Prince Crispin.

**Warning: Vulgar language and sexual acts may be contained in this Teaser…that’s why it’s a teaser. You have been warned, carry on.**


“Be a good girl,” he said, tapping the slender whip on the edge of the bed. “Put your feet up. Let me see you spread bare for me.”

“Yes, my lord.” She lifted her legs and clasped her arms around them. Her smooth ass and swollen lips stood stark against the dark blankets on the bed.

“Very nice,” he said, appraising her with a smile crooked on his mouth. He ran the whip down the length of her leg and over her ass. “Now count to ten for me.” He brought the whip down across her bottom, eliciting a shriek from her followed by a moan of pleasure.

“One,” she said, her voice a small whimper. He brought the whip down again. “Two.”

He smiled at the flush of pleasure consuming her body. “Lovely.” He smacked the whip against her flesh again and again, each time harder than the last.

“Three…four…five…” She shrieked and moaned.

His cock was hard, straining against his trousers, aching to be released. When she reached ten, he put the whip down.

“On your knees,” he said, reaching for his belt. She scrambled to her knees, thrusting her ass in the air.

A knock sounded through the chamber. He frowned. How many times had he told them to leave him alone after dinner?

“I will not be disturbed,” he shouted.

“My lord,” a voice echoed through the solid wooden door. “Your father wishes to speak with you straight away.”

He glanced at the door, willing it to burst into flames.

“My lord,” the voice came again.

“I’m coming,” he yelled, tossing the whip down. He glanced at the naked wench on his bed. “Cover yourself.”


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Writing Process

Chris Musgrave, you flatter me, sir. While Chris embraces his dark side by writing horror, I tend to embrace my sensual side and write romance…well romantic erotica to be specific. It’s a fine line between romance and erotica. I also like to focus on the darker side of romance, the forbidden pleasures of the flesh, all the while being sure to incorporate elements of love into the process. So no, it’s not all about the sex; it’s about the journey of sensual discovery.

I’ve been remiss in posting since the A-Z Blog Challenge, for that I apologize. But twenty-six posts in a row is enough to fry anyone’s brain. Especially when mine focused on Loki…*purrs like a contented kitten*. Wait, where was I? Oh, yes, writing process post…forgive me, it seems my muse has decided to participate in the daily torture of my creative process.

Chris has requested I answer four questions:

  • What am I working on at the moment?
  • How does my work differ from others of its genre?
  • Why do I write what I do?
  • How does my writing process work?

Then came the catch: find three worthy writers and force them to answer the same questions. I have no idea who I should nominate who hasn’t been already, so I’m not tagging anyone, and you can’t make me. *sticks tongue out* I do what I want.

Now, moving on darlings, I have quite a full day here…Must remain focused.

What am I working on at the moment?

I’m working on a medieval romantic erotica tale. I haven’t decided if it’s a series of novellas or a novel, those details are to be determined at a later date (as in once I’ve finished writing it all down.)

Now, the idea for this story was born of the Dirty Loki Whispers. I’ll confess it now, I like them. Sue me. But they sparked some whispers of their own in my mind. So I began writing them down and realized…they weren’t Loki. The delightful whispers came from a medieval prince, Crispin. He soon became a frequent resident of my thoughts and thus his story demanded to be told.

I am at his mercy…and I like it. Don’t send help.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I have no idea. I’d like to think I’m unique. Most romantic erotica or general erotica stories have a contemporary setting. Mine…well, not so much. I gravitate toward historical. I think that sets my stories apart.

While I try to be historically accurate, I do take artistic license. Isn’t that the point of fiction though? *grins*

Why do I write what I do?

I like romance, I love sex, and I’m passionate about writing. So why not combine all three and write what I would WANT to read. Plus it’s illegal to kidnap people and force them to act out your fantasies. So there’s that conundrum. *teasing* Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.

In all honesty, I write what my characters tell me to write. A spark, an idea takes root and I let it grow, shaping it into something precious and unique. It’s a curse some times, having all those characters inhabit your brain, fighting for your attention. And to make it worse, my sexy imagination often takes things to the next level. Is it hot in here? Oh no, that’s just my characters plotting their next tryst. *giggles*

How does my writing process work?

What works for me is just sitting my butt in the chair and writing. I do writing sprints with prompts to get my brain in gear. I also enjoy writing with other writers while on Skype. It forces me to be productive, and they hold me accountable. Sometimes whips are involved.

I do use a basic outline, so I have a general direction for the story. But I allow a lot of free reign for my characters to show me their journey. When I let them speak, it often comes out more naturally than if I try to strong arm them into compliance. Crispin is often amused by my attempts to dominate him.

Ultimately, I wish I could write more and at a faster pace, but I’m truly blessed with the small community of writer’s I’ve surrounded myself with because they push me to constantly improve my craft.


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