Tease Me Thursday

So I’ve decided to post a little teaser from my Work In Progress (WIP)…which is appropriately named considering the story and the character I’m writing about.

Without further ado…I present Prince Crispin.

**Warning: Vulgar language and sexual acts may be contained in this Teaser…that’s why it’s a teaser. You have been warned, carry on.**


“Be a good girl,” he said, tapping the slender whip on the edge of the bed. “Put your feet up. Let me see you spread bare for me.”

“Yes, my lord.” She lifted her legs and clasped her arms around them. Her smooth ass and swollen lips stood stark against the dark blankets on the bed.

“Very nice,” he said, appraising her with a smile crooked on his mouth. He ran the whip down the length of her leg and over her ass. “Now count to ten for me.” He brought the whip down across her bottom, eliciting a shriek from her followed by a moan of pleasure.

“One,” she said, her voice a small whimper. He brought the whip down again. “Two.”

He smiled at the flush of pleasure consuming her body. “Lovely.” He smacked the whip against her flesh again and again, each time harder than the last.

“Three…four…five…” She shrieked and moaned.

His cock was hard, straining against his trousers, aching to be released. When she reached ten, he put the whip down.

“On your knees,” he said, reaching for his belt. She scrambled to her knees, thrusting her ass in the air.

A knock sounded through the chamber. He frowned. How many times had he told them to leave him alone after dinner?

“I will not be disturbed,” he shouted.

“My lord,” a voice echoed through the solid wooden door. “Your father wishes to speak with you straight away.”

He glanced at the door, willing it to burst into flames.

“My lord,” the voice came again.

“I’m coming,” he yelled, tossing the whip down. He glanced at the naked wench on his bed. “Cover yourself.”


Want more?  Check back next week for another taste of my Prince of Whispers.

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A-Z Blog Challenge Day 4


“He looks strong and animal and dominant, a beast of sex.”

~ Portia Da Costa

When I think of the word Dominant, I immediately think, Alpha Male which is described as: a man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations.  Being an Alpha and Dominant go hand in hand.

Loki is intelligent and commands presence wherever he goes. He is able to articulate his ideas and orders in a clear and concise manner. He is in control, even when it looks like he isn’t. This is the mark of someone who carries the Dominant trait.

One thing I noticed about him though the course of the three films is his ability to adapt and use whatever is in front of him to push his ultimate agenda.  A good chess player is able to anticipate all the possibilities and see the game ten moves ahead, always prepared for whatever comes his way. This is what Loki does.  He studies the world around him as a chess player does the game board.  Self preservation.  He is maintaining his control in every eventuality.

There is another reason I chose Dominant to describe Loki. While we haven’t seen any romantic interest for him in the films, there is an over abundance of it in the Marvel fandom. Fangirls can’t get enough of this sinful character.  Enter Loki’s Dirty Whispers, a submission-based tumblr page that focuses on the fantasies of those fans. Loki takes center stage as the Dom of their dreams.

How do you see this trait in Loki?  Alpha Male? A Dom?  Whatever you see when you look at him under this light, there’s no denying that he has a commanding presence that even six Avengers could not overshadow.

Share your thoughts…

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