A-Z Blog Challenge Day 6


“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” ~ Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

“Fearless minds climb soonest into crowns.” ~ William Shakespeare

When Loki falls from the bridge at the end of Thor, we see a sort of acceptance in his eyes as he falls.  He accepts his fate. So when we see him in the Avengers, after the betrayal and whatever happened to him between that moment of the fall and coming through the portal, Loki’s priorities have shifted.

He has experienced true fear: being shunned from everything he’s known, everyone who cared about him, being left to die, then tortured and forced into servitude (the power of the Tesseract). What does he have left to fear? Death does not scare him, because he’s faced fates worse than death.

Once Frigga is gone, Loki releases whatever fear remains.  He has become truly fearless, and that creates room for him to seize power as he’d always dreamed.

Loki understands fear like no one else, and as we all know, fear can be a powerful motivator if wielded properly.

Does this make him less of an anti hero and more of a villain?  Or does it just make him dangerous?

I’m dying for your thoughts on this…please comment.  Thanks.

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