A-Z Blog Challenge Day 10


“No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place.” ~ Meir Kahane

Lied to and left to deal with the fallout alone. Betrayed and dropped into the void.  Enslaved and controlled by the tesseract.  Imprisoned and left to rot beneath Asgard.

Do these things justify Loki’s actions? No. However, Loki feels justified enough by his beliefs (caused by those actions I mentioned) to take action in regaining control of his life.

Is he innocent of guilt in taking the lives of hundreds, possibly even thousands of people? No.  He believes them to be justified deaths in his quest.

His quest isn’t just to return to Asgard or regain the throne.  Loki had his identity stripped from him, several times. The inner drive for survival is too strong inside for him to accept the fate Odin laid before him. He took all the pain, hurt, anger, and betrayal and used it to foster a drive to create his own destiny.  It was within his power to take control of his life, and he did.

While his actions may not be justified in the eyes of the Avengers or Shield or even Thor, the only person Loki has any allegiance to is himself. In his mind, he is at peace with his actions, knowing they will ultimately lead him to his destiny.

This is a trait shared by Anti Heroes and Villains.  Even Heroes have this pull inside of them to feel the sweet, soothing caress of Lady Justice abating their fears. We all want to know our actions serve a purpose and are justified.

I won’t ask if you think Loki was justified in his actions…but I am curious to know your thoughts on today’s post.  Thanks for stopping by.