A-Z Blog Challenge Day 18


“Regal (adj.)of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, esp. in being magnificent or dignified.” ~ Dictionary

In everything Loki does, he carries himself with confidence and an air of command. Whether you agree with him assuming the role of king, you have to admit…he pulls it off well when it comes to appearances. He is regal.

Tom Hiddleston did an interview in which they played a little game of word association. At one point the interviewer from Marvel, Agent M, throws out the words:  “Green and Gold”.  Tom’s response is instantaneous and hits the nail on the head…”Loki, beautiful, regal, magisterial, magical, me.”

Like he has to sell it to us. *scoffs*

This is Loki…and yes, Tom, we do think he really is the dark side you keep hidden somewhere inside and wear only for special occasions. We all have that dark side though, don’t we? The alter ego we keep chained up and sated with morsels of indulgence.


Sorry, the lure of the darkness can sometimes overwhelm me…back to the post.  Regal…Loki…*purrs* Oh, crap, yeah sorry. *straightens and clears throat* Looks like I lost control of this post to my inner submissive.

So…what do you think?  Is Loki regal?

Would you kneel?


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