A-Z Blog Challenge Day 19


“Sadism is all right in it’s place, but it should be directed to proper ends.” ~ Sigmund Freud

A sadist is a person who gets pleasure from inflicting pain on others. Yes, Loki is a sadist. The quote does fit perfectly, because Loki does use sadism to what he believes is the proper end…his goal.  Chess player, remember?  🙂

The screenshot I chose from the Avengers shows Loki’s sadistic nature perfectly.  When he goes to “gather” the information from the eyeball, you see Loki give a little smirk, almost a joyful up-welling of excitement.  He’s taking pleasure in his mission.  He has no qualms about harming another person to further his agenda.  He enjoys chaos and fear; he thrives on it. When the guests start running and he herds them like cattle to the slaughter, he feeds off their subjugation while taking pleasure in their suffering.


Another scene where Loki displays this delight in inflicting pain and suffering is when Black Widow goes to him pleading for Clint’s release.  He plays on her emotions, twists them to find her weakness and then digs his talons in, pressing on her most vulnerable point, making her bleed.  Although we all know she was really interrogating him, probing him for information, the words he spoke to her must have hit her somewhere deep inside. She’s a warrior, trained to keep her emotions contained and controlled, allowing her to focus on her mission.  But Loki had to have touched a sore spot…cause we’ve all seen how Clint and Natasha look at each other.  (I totally ship BlackHawk/Clintasha, for the record.)  As we’ve established before, Loki is a master manipulator, his interaction with Black Widow in this scene is exactly that, a manipulation…and he delights in her pain. Especially when he tells her how he’s going to have Clint kill her, slowly, intimately. *shivers* That’s sadistic.


He does this with all the Avengers,  reveling in his ability to make them uncomfortable. Whether is physically or emotionally inflicting pain, Loki just can’t help but indulge in his sadistic impulse. He enjoys the suffering too much, because it must match his own.  If he must suffer, then everyone else must join him in his pain.


*Images were found on Google images. No copyright infringement intended. Merely used as illustration points.