A-Z Blog Challenge Day 26


“Zealous men are ever displaying to you the strength of their belief, while judicious men are shewing you the grounds of it.” ~ William Shenstone

A zealous man is passionate about his beliefs.  Loki, passionate….*shakes head* Oh, sorry, lost myself for a moment there.  It’s so difficult to keep my mind straight after writing about Loki for a month.  All the glorious feels I’ve been burdened with when it comes to him.

Wait, that makes me zealous too, doesn’t it?  I’m passionate in my defense of Loki as a character.  I’m a Loki Zealot!  *gasp* Is that a bad thing?  Hell no.

I maintain my defense of Loki as a Villain and an Anti-Hero.  He is both.  Sometimes more one than the other.  It depends on the movie, the circumstances, the moment in time.  He is both.

His fervent belief in his mission, his destiny makes him a zealot, and the fact he goes through so much trouble to obtain it only solidifies this in my mind. Loki’s zealous nature has made him the villain, but it also endears us to him. A man with convictions, however misguided, is still more of a leader than a coward who wallows in defeat.

Loki is our leader, and we are his army.