A-Z Blog Challenge Day 7


“He who is greedy is always in want.” ~ Horace

I’m torn about this one still. Is Loki greedy?  We’ve already established that he’s ambitious, which can be mistaken for greed if it extends too far.

Loki wants what he believe is owed him…the throne of Asgard. I wouldn’t call that greedy.  But his actions in the Avengers speak of greed in his desire for complete subjugation of humanity. Viewing this film as I did the first time I watched it, I can see how he can be considered greedy.  Since he was denied Asgard, he will take Earth. It was greed, pure and simple.

But I’ve already established that I don’t believe Loki was entirely himself during the Avengers. The tesseract had control over him. Through the film, we see the power of the tesseract affect everyone differently. I believe that while he was under it’s influence, it amplified a deeper desire hidden there. His greed…as well as his villainous nature. Do I think it was his ultimate purpose to conquer Earth? No…I think he wanted to be stopped and returned to Asgard. But that’s for another discussion and another post. It all goes back to his greed. He wasn’t willing to settle for half measures. Go big or go home. (Pardon the pun.)

The question that lingers in my mind is:  Since Loki now has what he desired from the beginning, will he want more?  I believe that will determine if it is truly greed that drives him or just  his drive to fulfill his destiny.

All questions and comments welcome…

11 thoughts on “A-Z Blog Challenge Day 7

  1. Oh my. I had never considered Loki’s motives on such a deep level. I’m right with you though. I’d imagine he’s happy with Asgard’s throne, but it’s possible he wants more, like some kind of vengeance for his slain people. We’ll see, eh?

    • We shall see. I hope that Marvel decides to give Loki his own film so we can finally see him as the hero of his own story. *taps chin* One can only hope though. They would make a killing off of that film, just saying.

      I’m glad my little posts have let you see Loki in a different light. He really is a complex and intriguing man, behind his obvious faults.

  2. Loki made an awesome good guy while he was helping people and doing good things. Even the devil was a Seraph, the highest order of angel, before his pride got him damned to hell forever. “Beware of all kinds of greed,” Jesus tells us. It makes you do crazy awful things. (I added that last bit)

    • The first time I saw the Avengers, I thought Loki was doing it for revenge against Thor, to make Thor suffer, or even because he thought it would be easier to conquer Earth. That was until I watched the movie and focused all my attention on Loki’s actions. You can see the internal struggle there, so I know he didn’t do it of his own volition, not completely. I love movies and characters like this. You can peel away the layers every time you watch it and find something new. 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Susan!

  3. Maybe Loki is such a popular character because, like most people, he has a dark side that we can identify with. Everyone can get carried away with greed or the quest for revenge or power given the opportunity. Thor, the blue eyed boy, just doesn’t do it for me. I prefer brains over braun!

    • Brainy is the new sexy. 🙂 I think we’re also attracted to the idea of the bad boy, the irredeemable. While Thor is hot, Loki definitely steals his thunder. (ohhhh, sorry, the pun was irresistible.)

      Thanks for the comment! Love hearing everyone’s thoughts on this.

  4. You final question is about whether actually having the throne will satisfy him. The thing is, he doesn’t have the throne – the role he is playing as Odin has the throne. And while he is pretending to be Odin he has to act like Odin did (Doublestar by Heinlein covers what happens when you pretend to be a leader pretty well).

    I don’t know how long he will be satisfied in such circumstances. He likes people bowing to HIM, not someone whose form he has taken own.

    • You’re right, he playing a role as Odin. They never clarified whether he was in Odin’s form just for his meeting with Thor or if he’s in that form all the time. My personal interpretation is Loki disguises himself as Odin long enough to convince Thor he’s welcome to follow his own dream, to get rid of him. I think you’re right, Loki wouldn’t be satisfied ruling in that form. He likes the attention too much. But again, there was no clarification on the details, so we were left to fill in the blanks ourselves. It will be interesting to see how they move the story from here. Thanks for the comment Erin. 🙂

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