A-Z Blog Challenge Day 17


“Arguing with a fool only proves that there are two.” ~ Unknown (found on Pinterest)

One of my favorite details from the films is the relationship between Thor and Loki is their relationship as brothers. (Yes, I know Loki was adopted, but they were raised together as brothers so hush, it still holds true.) We all know how siblings bicker and fight. These two are no different.  The banter between them shows their opposite natures and differing opinions, and often the results are comedic.

Loki is always given the best one liners to match his wit and intelligence. He’s snarky and sarcastic, charming when he wants or needs to be. Thor is much more a mover and a shaker, motivating those around him to action, being a pillar of strength for his people. Alas, his lines aren’t nearly as memorable, but put these two together and you have a believable brother-like relationship.

They’re always quarreling over everything because their motivation and their goals are different. Their bond is the only thing saving Loki from giving in completely to the darkness in his soul. While they quarrel as brothers are apt to do, they balance each other. Loki’s pragmatic side pulls Thor back from his impulsive behavior, and Thor’s belief in Loki keeps him from complete chaos and ruin.

While Thor is quick to debate openly, Loki is much more deliberate when he chooses his arguments. He chooses his battles well, because they’re part of a grander scheme. Watch the Avengers again and note the times when Loki picked a fight…they were strategic moments to further his ultimate goal.

The only time I found this not to be the case was when Thor confronted him. Their interactions trigger the bond between the brothers, and I believe they cause Loki to have glimpses of hope causing brief moments of hesitation. Ultimately, Loki shoves the sentimental notions away opting for his grand scheme, but the flash of humanity is there…fostered by his brother’s love.

Thoughts? This could have been a HUGE post…but I kept it simple, just to put the thoughts out there. Perhaps I’ll expand on it one day.

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