A-Z Blog Challenge Day 20


“The moment you say, ‘Give me a reason for this,’ then you are being impossible and temperamental.” ~ Monserrat Caballe

There are several moments spanning all three films where Loki allowed his temper to take control of him.  In each of these moments, it’s obvious that he allowed his emotions to break through his carefully crafted facade.

Thor: When Loki discovers he is adopted and demands answers from Odin…then his subsequent rage against Odin and Thor to maintain control of Asgard.

1384039356733-who tumblr_m3dagsiUHN1qapy9o

Avengers: Loki finally loses control of his temper when facing the Hulk…and we all know how that ended.

KP020IS vs-hulk_145211-fli_1380027104

Thor 2: This is the most heartbreaking for me. When Loki learns of his mother’s death, he loses his temper and destroys his cell, letting his emotions bubble to the surface in a fit of temper.


Loki is good at controlling his emotions, masking his true image and intent to the world and even those closest to him. That’s why it’s so poignant when Thor sees through Loki’s illusion in Thor 2. Finally, Thor is able to see his brother for what he truly is…broken, lost, misdirected, untrustworthy, and extremely dangerous.  I do believe Thor still maintains a thread of hope Loki can be saved, pulled back from the brink of his madness.

One thing is certain…when Loki releases his temper, it truly is a dangerous thing. Like a force of nature, it will consume and destroy with no remorse.

*Images were found on Google images. No copyright infringement intended. Merely used as illustration points. I have linked the images to their original sources.

8 thoughts on “A-Z Blog Challenge Day 20

    • I saw an interview with Tom Hiddleston where he said Loki in Thor was the fallen prince, Loki in the Avengers is a charming psychopath, and Loki in Thor 2 is the anti-hero. If I can find the post, I’ll link it. 🙂 He’s quite a complex character, and that’s why I love him. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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