A-Z Blog Challenge Day 22


“Man is by nature competitive, combative, ambitious, jealous, envious, and vengeful.” ~ Arthur Keith

**Spoilers Ahead…Thor 2: The Dark World**

I think today’s character trait goes hand in hand with yesterday’s. Vengeance is often a by product of one’s inability or refusal to forgive.  Forgiveness isn’t in Loki’s nature…and the result is his constant hunger for revenge.  He wants those who caused him pain to suffer, and even those who haven’t caused him any injury.  His rage is channeled into his ultimate goal, taking his birthright.

We see this vengeful nature in Thor and the Avengers in it’s full glory.  The hatred, anger, rage, and bitterness taint his actions, but he does control them for the most part. In Thor 2, however, he is much more in control of his emotions.  It’s almost as if he’s harnessed and buried it deep inside himself, using it to power his agenda.

When Frigga dies, Loki’s rage and pain is palpable. (I still wonder why they chose to cut the scene of him screaming in the cell. *growls at whoever made that decision*) Thor comes to him for help to get Jane away from Asgard, but I think part of Loki believes this is the only opportunity he will get to enact his vengeance.  It’s never mentioned whether he knows who killed Frigga or not, but I think he knows deep inside who is at fault.  Part of it is his own, as we know.

Loki has no care who he hurts in his quest. He will feed his vengeance until it consumes him, finally turning his heart to stone. Then no one will be able to save him and nothing will slake his vengeful lust.

4 thoughts on “A-Z Blog Challenge Day 22

  1. Loki is such the perfect villain and you analysis of him is just so spot on. Vengeance is the absense of forgiveness. I had not thought about how they are opposed to each other. I have known vengeful people in my life and they certainly were not forgiving.

    • The more I study Loki and these traits. The more I noticed how much they overlap, interlace, and influence each other while painting a full picture of Loki as a villain/anti-hero. I love it. 🙂

    • He is the Prince of Manipulation. He delights in his ability to confound us. We have such a strong love/hate relationship with Loki, don’t we? Thanks for the comment Sydney. 🙂

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