A-Z Blog Challenge Day 24


(I know I took liberties with the letter X…geeze.)

“Extreme good, extreme evil: the abilities required are similar.” ~ Margaret Atwood

We’ve all seen the Avengers (if you haven’t, then why are you even reading these posts), so we know the extremes Loki is willing to go to in order to return to Asgard. He’s been tortured, abused, neglected, and manipulated…so it’s no wonder he is willing to use these same tactics to bring his plans to fruition.

Using the tesseract to control Barton and Selvig (and many others) ~ Extreme.

Opening a portal to allow the Chitauri to invade Earth ~ Extreme.

Manipulating the Avengers and his brother ~ Okay, that one was just plain stupid on his part, but it’s still extreme.

But as we all know…desperate times call for desperate measures.


Loki just wanted to go home to Asgard.  He wanted what he believed was his by right.  His path  merely took extreme measures to obtain these goals. Did it help that he came off as insane?  Yes.  Because there’s nothing more insane than a man in desperation, a man who has nothing to lose.


Yes, my wicked king, it is madness.  You’ve gone round the bend. But don’t worry, you still have an army of fangirls who take your extreme beliefs as their creed and will defend you until death.

Dare I ask…do you think Loki’s actions were extreme?

7 thoughts on “A-Z Blog Challenge Day 24

  1. In his eyes they were justified and appropriate. Will I have to take extreme means to get the adoration and affection of fan girls?

  2. The great thing about mad men? They think, no matter how extreme their actions are, they are justified. Loki remains one of the most fascinating characters for me. Always has been!

  3. Well, let’s face it, the only other option was ‘Xenophobic’ and I don’t really think that’s Loki’s thing 😛 I don’t think his actions were TOO extreme (if there is such a thing). I mean, sure, he terrorised a small group of Germans and destroyed most of NYC, but for a god, that’s probably like me stomping on an ants’ nest and pushing over my cousin’s Lego skyscraper.

    *getting deep and meaningful, here, Jen* I think if we look at Loki’s actions by mortal, human standards, he’s extreme. But to him, he’s not doing anything particularly unjustified or bonkers. Means to an end, my love, means to an end… 😉

    *fangirl squeals and hugs!*

    • You know I always look forward to your comments. 🙂 That’s a good point, by his own standards, he really didn’t do a whole lot. It was child’s play. Hugs back at ya darlin.

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