Tease Me Thursday

Today’s teaser is a writing prompt inspired journal entry…

The prompt was: “Write about losing control.”


A flash of flesh and my arm was locked in his vice-like grip. I stared at him dumbfounded.

“Let go of me,” I said simply, thinking he was playing games again.

His face was hard, his eyes holding a deadly opinion which he wisely kept to himself. Eyes locked in mute battle. I tried to charm him instead of giving into his wordless challenge.

I pulled myself within a fingertips distance of his rigid angry form.

“Something you want from me, Kale?” I flirted from beneath my lowered lashes. Allowing my free hand to roam over his torso, I traced his shirt buttons down to his waist. The grip on my wrist never faltered. It tightened.

“Ouch,” I grunted. “Damn you, Kale, that hurts! What the hell is your problem? Let me go!” I jerked my arm, torquing my wrist and pinching the flesh of my hand.

Then I noticed the movement reflected in the darkened window behind Kale. I froze, taking a moment to reorganize my thoughts. Kale leaned down on the pretense of nuzzling my neck and whispered.

“Hold your tongue.” Kale’s voice rumbled deep into my bones.

“Who is it?” I murmured slightly distracted by Kale’s wonderful masculine smell and his proximity.

“Be quiet and don’t move,” he replied. Lord, but he loved to give orders.

“How dare…” I began to retort pulling away from him. In the next instant we were on the floor with bullets whizzing over our heads. The pressure of Kale’s body pinning me to the floor was both enticing and infuriating. I was more than capable of handling myself in a firefight. But in the flash of a well muscled arm, I had lost control.


A story brewing there, perhaps? *wink* What do you think?

❤ Jen

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