Tease Me Thursday

Here’s this weeks teaser. It’s a scene I’m going to use in a novella. A masquerade story set in the 19th century.


******WARNING:  NSFW, I repeat NSFW. Sexy fun time descriptions.************


“Sweet Julia,” he breathed, leaning closer. “Would you do me the honor of your company?”
I open my mouth slightly to protest his charming words, and his lips press down upon mine in a cunning, gentle kiss.

“Come, my lady,” he says, meeting my gaze. “Let us away.”

He takes my hand and leads me to a darkened chamber off to the side of the main ballroom. Once inside, he closes the door and locks it.  His gaze is predatory as he turns and stalks toward me. He pins me up against the wall, his hands framing my body.  His warmth envelops me, and I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks.

“What do you wish of me, your grace?” I whisper as he slides his hand up over my hip.

“My lady, I want your beauty for myself.” His breath caresses my lips. I suddenly want to taste him. His hand cups my breast through the gown. I curse the fabric, wanting us skin to skin, with nothing inhibiting his touch. He leans into me, his lean, strong body pressing against me.

I whimper as his lips brush against my jaw. “My lord…I…I….”

“Tonight,” he murmurs between kisses, “you are mine.”

“What about the ball, your father, the guests?” I rasp out as he slowly inches up my skirt. His fingers trail over the silk and velvet, letting the cool air kissing my thighs. I’m overwhelmed with sensation. He lifts his head and looks at me. His blue eyes are the color of midnight.

His fingertips brush against my thigh, sliding up underneath my drawers. When he touches my center, I shiver with anticipation. “You’re so wet. Have you been thinking of me, hoping that I’d notice you?”

“Aye, my lord.” I can barely get the words out as he dips his finger inside of me.

He claims my lips in a punishing kiss.  I taste the wine spiced with desire on his lips as he plunders my mouth.  My hands slip into his hair, wrapping in the curls, tugging.  His kiss is only intensified by the gentle stroking of his hand between my legs.  He slides two fingers inside of me and I cry out against his mouth.  His other hand slides into my bodice, cupping my breast.

I’m about to explode from the onslaught.  His touch ignites a fire of pure desire, coiling deep in my belly.

“Oh, my wicked girl.  Is this what you wanted?” he whispers into my mouth as I gasp with pleasure.

“Aye,” I say on a gasp.

“Would you give yourself to me?  Completely?”


Oh, I’m such a tease. *wink* What did you think?

One thought on “Tease Me Thursday

  1. *grabby hands* Also, I wish men would say “Let us away” nowadays. It would make everything seem a lot more dashing and chivalrous 😉

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