Tease Me Thursday

A snippet from my short story releasing next week. A Cat Without a Grin is an Alice in Wonderland inspired short story sprinkled heavily with my own brand of sexy and sinful.

Here’s a peek:

******WARNING: NSFW and guaranteed to make you want to read more. **************


“You disappeared without a fucking word, Alice.” He reached
for her and she yelled as he wrapped a solid arm around her waist,
pinning her to the bed beneath him. She kicked her legs and beat
her fists against his chest. “I think you need your ass tanned for
doing that to me.”
“Let me go!” Alice pushed at him until he captured her wrists
in his and held her still. She blew a stray strand of hair from her
face and glared at him. “You didn’t give two shits about me. Fucking
ignored me for months. I couldn’t take the rejection anymore,
Chez. I had to go.”
“I had to ignore you, avoid you,” he said as his cock hardened
with every move she made against him. “I wanted you so fucking
bad, but it wasn’t right. You were still a child.”
“I was seventeen.”
“Yeah, and I was twenty-four. I wasn’t going to be a pedophile.
I had respect for you, damn it! I was waiting until you went
to college, until you knew what you wanted.” He ground his hips
against her thigh, showing her exactly how much he still wanted
Her eyes widened. “Chez…I…”
He cut her off, too angry and hot for her to give a shit if he
sounded stupid. “All you had to do was wait, Alice. Was that so
fucking hard for you to do? Wait for me.”
“I did,” she whispered, the words so soft he nearly missed
“You ran off. How is that waiting?” Chez felt his blood pumping
hot beneath his veins. It took all his effort not to kiss her senseless.
He glanced down at her bare skin, her breasts begging for
attention as they trembled with every breath she took.
She met his gaze, her blue eyes flashing with fire. “I’m still
a fucking virgin, Chez. I saved myself for you…not that it mattered.”
His cock stiffened to the point of causing him physical pain.
“Fuck.” Every ounce of restraint he had snapped with those
words. He kissed her, punishing and hard, a kiss to set them both

Hope you enjoyed the teaser….<3 Jen

Available AUGUST 8th from BREATHLESS PRESS.  Pre Order HERE!

A Cat Without A Grin 600x900

2 thoughts on “Tease Me Thursday

  1. August 8 is officially highlighted in my diary Jen! *swoon* I adore all things Alice, so I’m guaranteed to love your work! ❤

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