Tease Me Thursday

My teaser for you this week comes from a little fantasy I’ve had for years. Not sure where it’s going yet, but I would LOVE to finish it and find out.

**********WARNING: Naughty thoughts about professors lie ahead. Proceed with caution.*********


Lexie sat in the over-sized leather armchair facing the mahogany desk. Bookshelves lined the walls and towered above her, intimidating and bold. She glanced at the door where a brass name plate gleamed back at her: Professor A. Logan. Lexie shifted in her seat, leaned her head back, and closed her eyes.

“Sorry about that, Alexandra.” A masculine voice echoed from the doorway. “Had to tie up a few loose ends with the other faculty members about our class trip to New York City. Going to be a great trip. You planning on coming?”

She cracked open one eye and looked at him. He looked like a professor. The perfect specimen of a teacher that makes female students squirm during lesson time and pine for one-on-one instruction. Lexie would be the first to admit it; Professor Logan was a prime grade A man. Although she didn’t believe in teacher/student fraternization, she’d break that rule, in a heartbeat. Professor Logan was nothing but professional and courteous. So Lexie kept her lustful musings to herself.

“I was thinking about it actually,” she replied as she sat up and gave him a grin. She’d been told once that her smile was infectious. When he smiled back, she wished it wasn’t. Her heart skipped and stumbled a beat or two, and when it finally caught normal rhythm, she felt a shift of gravity in his direction. His smile was magnetic.

“Payment for the trip is due by Friday,” he said as he sat down behind his desk. “Don’t want you to forget. It’s going to be a fantastic trip.” He locked eyes with her. “I’d hate for you to miss all the fun.” The corner of his lips tilted upward and her heart stopped completely. It was more devastating than the smile. She looked at the bookcase and caught her breath.

Holy hell, I need to get out of here before I make an ass of myself and say something stupid. She gathered her composure and turned her gaze back to him.

“You said there was something you needed to go over with me to receive that final scholarship award?” She hoped that her voice sounded normal but being in this confined space made her more aware of him than ever. Let’s hurry this up, I need to go wring out my panties.

Yes, I have a few questions I need you to answer before I can sign this recommendation for your scholarship.” He stood and walked around his desk then sat down in the chair next to hers. He handed her a clipboard with a few sheets of paper attached.

“Do you have a pen?” she asked, suddenly warm and breathless.

“Take mine.” He handed her his pen, his fingertips grazing hers.

Oh my sweet Jesus! It took all of her willpower not to jump him then and there. He was so close, his cologne swirled around her causing coherent thought to swarm and burst into blurbs of gibberish. Lexie looked down at the paper. She could see words, but no meaning infiltrated her brain.

She could sense him watching her. She forced herself to keep her eyes on the paper in front of her. Lexie tried to read but was distracted by his steady breaths.

“Are you okay, Lexie?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. “They’re just standard questions. It’s not a midterm exam.” He chuckled.

She laughed nervously and quickly filled out the forms. At this point she didn’t care what they said. She just needed to get out of his office. His proximity was affecting her brain’s ability to form coherent thought. Lexie handed the paperwork back to him. This time there was no mistaking his hand grazing hers as he took the clipboard for an accident. She looked at him surprised.

“You have very beautiful eyes, Lexie.”

His compliment made her shiver. “Thank you,” she stammered. “I should be going.” She stood, but he was already walking toward the door. He closed it, effectively telling her to stay.

“Professor Logan, I should…” She reached past him for the door handle. His hand closed over hers, and she froze. An electrical current zinged between them, the warmth of his touch made her weak and hungry for more. “I should go.”


I hope you enjoyed this week’s teaser. Please feel free to leave comments.

❤ Jen

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