Tease Me Thursday

Here’s this weeks teaser…

*****Warning: HOTNESS AHEAD….possible NSFW. ******

Forever after, she believed betrayal tasted like his lips did that night. The salty tang of sea water and tequila mixed with the summer breeze still lingered in her mind.

“Bastard,” she murmured, turning toward the small seaside cottage. It had been three years since she’d been near the ocean, walked on a beach, and breathed the salty air. Now she remembered why she hated the ocean. It reminded her of his blue eyes and those nights…oh god, those nights.

She kicked open the cottage door and dropped her bags on the floor next to the dresser. The cottage was smaller than the one they had shared, but it wasn’t like she needed a large bed and a sturdy headboard. There wasn’t going to be any sex going on during this vacation.

Pulling her cell from her pocket, she hit the speed dial and held it to her ear. When she heard the beep, she left a message. “I’m here, safe and sound. Just wanted to let you know. Love you, bye.” Mom worried too much.

Nina flopped onto the bed, sinking into the soft duvet. She watched the ceiling fan spin overhead. “What the hell am I doing here?”

“I don’t know, but I’m not complaining.”

The sound of a stranger’s voice made her jump off the bed. He stood in the doorway of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his narrow hips. “Who are you? And why the hell are you in my room?” Her gaze drifted down the bare expanse of muscled chest.

“I could ask the same, but I’m thinking a thank you sacrifice to the Hawaiian gods might be more appropriate.”

She pushed her hair back away from her eyes. What the hell was that supposed to mean? Shaking the disturbing thought from her mind, she focused all of her attention on his face. Only his face…too distracting if it dipped any lower, she squeezed her eyes shut and tried again. Nina narrowed her gaze and met his full on.

“I think there’s been a misunderstanding.” She glanced at the open door and noted the number on the cottage. 8. Then Nina glanced at the key in her hand. 8. Yup, her room. So what the hell was this sinful stranger doing in her room, buck ass naked. “This is my room.” She held up her key.

He moved to the small counter by the refrigerator and held up another key. 8. “Looks like we’re bunking together, sweetheart.”

“Oh, hell no.” She backed up. “I’m going to get this straightened out right now.” Nina pulled out her cell and dialed the front desk. After a few terse moments on the phone with the concierge, she hung up in defeat. “There aren’t any other rooms. Everything is booked. She comped the cost of my stay, but that still doesn’t leave me a place to crash.” With a sigh, she turned to pick up her bags. “Could this day get any fucking worse,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Hold on.” His words stopped her. “We’re both adults, I don’t see why we can’t share. I promise not to drool on your pillow.”


So what do you think?

❤ Jen

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