Tease Me Thursday

May I present…your teaser for the week. Enjoy. 😉

********Warning: Elevator Fantasy Ahead ********

Sandra dashed for the elevator just as the doors started to slide closed. “Hold the elevator, please!” She huffed and puffed from running across the small lobby. The doors closed with a silent thud. “Figures,” she said, pressing the up button and leaning against the frame waiting for it to return.

“Maybe you should take the stairs?” a voice echoed behind her.

She glanced over her shoulder and scowled at the man wearing a three piece suit and carrying a smart, leather messenger bag. Her gaze narrowed on his piercing blue eyes and thin tight smile as he scanned her from head to toe. Sandra stared at the man before her who failed miserably to hide his obvious disapproval.

“Rude.” She murmured under her breath and turned her back to him.

The door slid open again, and she stepped into the elevator. He entered the car behind her, pressed his floor number, and leaned against the wall. Fifth floor, just below hers. Makes sense why she’d never seen him before. Part of her hoped she’d never see him again, especially if he was prone to making judgmental statements and lacked all forms of common civility. She sighed as she pressed her floor number, and the doors slid closed.

Sandra opened the letter in her hand and scanned the contents as the elevator slowly rose. It slammed to a halt, and the lights flickered before extinguishing completely.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Her words elicited a laugh from the man standing behind her. She turned to him. “Haha, real funny.”

He picked up his cell phone and turned on the light. The shadows on his face sharpened his features. She sucked in a breath as his gaze met hers. “I told you to take the stairs.”

“Wait, you knew this was going to happen?” She approached him and swung her purse at him. “You ass!”

“I have this effect on elevators, and women it seems.” His lopsided smile made her heart tumble in her chest.

She whacked him with her purse again for good measure then collapsed against the wall, banging her head repeatedly to punish herself for not taking the stairs. She’d thought he had been making a snide comment about her weight. Too sensitive, her brother had always said. Truth. She’d always been aware of her curves, believing they’d been a curse. The heat rose in her cheeks, and she turned away from the man. It didn’t matter if it was dark in the elevator, she didn’t want him to see her blush.

“Do you have signal in here?” he asked, breaking the silence.

Sandra pulled out her cell and unlocked it. “Nothing.” She held it up for him to see.

“Loki fangirl are you?” He chuckled.

She slipped the phone back into her pocket. “Yeah, what do you care?”

“Well, your screen background can tell you a lot about a person.” He grinned.

“Really? Please enlighten me, oh wise one.”

“Sarcasm doesn’t become you.” He touched her sweatshirt. “Neither do baggy clothes.”

She jerked out of his reach. “What does my screen have to do with who I am?”

“It tells me quite a bit about you actually.” He stepped closer, pressing her against the wall.

“You’re full of it.” She wanted to push him away, but her body froze, rooted to the spot. His warmth and the scent of his cologne enveloped her. “Tell me then, smart ass. What does my Loki screen tell you about me?”

“You like mystery, action, and crave adventure.” His hand braced against the wall beside her head. “It also means you prefer mischief and the darker side.” He leaned close and whispered in her ear. “Tell me, Sandra, are you hiding a dark side?”


Hope you’re thoroughly teased now. You like or no?

❤ Jen

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