Kink and Romance: Dominate

Sarah downed the shot before she rolled the dice. As the cube tumbled across the board, she licked her lips. Anticipation hung in the air, heavy and tangible. She glanced at the three men seated on the floor around the coffee table. Two empty liquor bottles lay beside the game board.

Five, all I need is a five. Please…please, five. Make mama happy! Sarah struggled to keep her expression impassive as the die slowed and landed with a final thud on the board.

“Five.” Mark groaned as he reached for the third bottle…whiskey this time. “Fuck.”

It took strength of monumental proportions not to punch the air with her fist and do a victory dance around the room. Sarah shrugged as she pocketed the cash sitting in the center of the board.

Andy glanced at Jeremy, then the duo turned to Sarah. The expression on their faces made her almost regret the bet…almost.

“So, we lost.” Jeremy turned to Mark and snatched the bottle from his hand. Taking a huge swallow, he wiped his hand across his mouth and handed the whiskey to Andy. “What now?”

“Guess it’s too much to hope for double or nothing, huh?” Andy smirked as he took a shot.

“Well, we could play another game.” Sarah struggled to keep her voice from wavering. Even with the amount of alcohol the four of them had consumed, they were nowhere near drunk enough to even consider her insane suggestion. Were they? The three men stared at her.

“Fuck it, I’m in.” Jeremy threw his hand up and took another drink.

Mark and Andy exchanged glances before nodding in unison.

Sarah divided the money into three piles on the table, adding an extra twenty dollars to the top of each pile. Slowly, she stood and crossed the room to where her scarf lay draped over her jacket on the chair.

“Who goes first?” Sarah asked, wrapping the scarf around her hands and rejoining the small circle.

“First for what?” Andy’s gaze followed the motion of her hands and the silk as it slid between her fingertips.

“Stand up.” She motioned for them to stand and come closer. “Stand around me, all of you.” Sarah tied the scarf across her eyes and let her hands fall to her sides. The heat from their bodies soaked into her skin as they surrounded her. She licked her lips and couldn’t help but smile as she began to spin. Seven turns and she stopped, reaching out to grasp the man before her. When she pulled the silk off, Sarah’s gaze met Mark’s intense brown eyes.

“Let me guess, I’m first?” His cynical, lopsided grin made her fingers twitch in anticipation.

Draping her arm over his shoulder, Sarah leaned closer. “Sit down.”

When Mark made no move to sit, she wrapped her hand into his shoulder length black hair and pulled. The half-gasp, half-moan that emanated from his lips made her grin in satisfaction. He dropped into the over-sized armchair behind him, and she followed, straddling his lap.

When she glanced over her shoulder into the shocked faces of the other two men, Sarah chuckled. “The game is simple. If I can make you beg for me, I keep the money.”


Wowzers, was that hot!! *fans self* Hope you enjoyed today’s teaser. Do you think I should expand this one? I’m curious to see how far she takes this little game.


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