Kink and Romance: Forbidden

“Miss Williams, please focus.” The sharp rap of knuckles against her desk brought Taylor to attention.

“Yes, sir.” She replied without glancing up. Straightening her book, she turned her attention back to the front of the classroom.

Mr. Vincent strode to the large desk at the head of the class. “Please be sure to read the last three chapters in your textbook over the weekend. There will be a quiz on this material on Monday morning, and…” The bell rang interrupting him. “Have a great weekend.”

Taylor picked up her book bag and shoved the textbook into it with a bit more force than necessary. She’d been daydreaming again; of course he would call her out on it. It was like he knew every time she allowed her mind to wander. A glance at her Literature teacher confirmed her suspicion. He was staring at her, a scowl on his face. Damn it. She slung the strap over her shoulder and headed for the exit.

“Miss Williams, can you spare a moment?” His voice echoed in the now empty classroom.

Turning to face him, she dropped the bag on the floor and approached his desk. “Yes, Mr. Vincent?”

He ran his hand through his ruffled, caramel colored hair. She wondered absently how soft it was and if it took him more than an hour to get that perfectly disheveled style. One stray lock lay across his forehead, and she fought the compulsion to reach out and smooth it back.

“You’re daydreaming again, Miss Taylor.”

She snapped to attention. “I’m sorry, sir.”

He sighed as he stood and came around to the other side of the desk, stopping within arm’s reach of her. “Is everything alright at home?”

“Of course, Mr. Vincent.”

“What about school? Is something bothering you? Are you being bullied?” He crossed his arms and watched her with those all too observant puppy dog eyes.

“No, sir. Nothing like that.” Taylor tucked her hair behind her ear and backed up a step. “I should go. I don’t want to miss my next class.”

His hand encircled her wrist. “I’ll write you a pass.”

Her gaze snapped up, locking onto his emotionless expression. Before she could speak, he pulled her back and stood completely still, his hand still holding her wrist tight. “Mr. Vincent…”

“Tell me what has you so distracted, Miss Williams.” His heavenly chocolate brown gaze pinned her in place.

“Nothing, sir.” She licked her lips and nearly groaned when he mimicked her. Does he realize what he’s doing? Does he realize what this looks like?

“You’re quite easy to read, my dear. The expressions on your face are like lines straight out of a book.” The room grew warm as he closed the remaining distance between them and leaned close. “Everyone knows how much I love a good book.” His fingers slid along the inside of her arm causing her to shiver.

She backed away slowly. “Mr. Vincent, I need to go.” What does he mean by that? Is he hitting on me? Her heart raced as she backed away; their gazes locked. He scribbled a note quickly and held it out. When she took the pass, their fingertips brushed. Taylor pulled her hand away as if burned by the contact. He’s your teacher. This is wrong. Forbidden. The word lingered in her mind.

“Have a pleasurable weekend, Miss Williams.” He smiled, and she fled the room, afraid he would read the inappropriate thoughts apparent by the heat staining her cheeks.


Ohhhh, this is getting juicy. I’m a sucker for forbidden romances, especially Hot for Teacher ones. If I expand it, I won’t keep it as taboo. She’s at least eighteen, so I can have some fun with it.

What forbidden romances do you like to read about?


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