Kink and Romance: X marks the spot

James trailed the tip of his hook across the wooden railing. The princess had been nothing but a thorn in his boot since she set foot on his ship. He ran his hand over his face, the scruff of his beard rough against his palm. How could one woman prove to be so bloody vexing while being so damned intoxicating?

He hadn’t returned to his cabin after the wench had tried to knock him senseless with a tray and escape. How she figured on escaping his ship he couldn’t even imagine. The wench packed a wallop, and even when he’d pinned her against the door, her spirit never faded. His cock ached at the memory of her against him, molded to him like a sail to the wind.

“Ye better have sense if ye wish to keep yer head above water,” he mumbled to himself as he glanced out over the dark water. The moon hung low on the horizon; it’s light reflecting in the waves. “What am I to do?” he whispered to the sea.

The gentle rocking of the ship gave little comfort. James needed to sleep, but he feared another strong confrontation with the woman locked in his cabin. He could sleep beneath the stars. Shaking his head, he made for his bunk. The men would have far too much to say if the captain allowed a woman to commandeer his cabin and his pride.

As he slid the key into the lock, he paused for fear of waking anyone. Once he closed and locked the door behind him, he searched the room for her. A lantern swayed beside his bunk illuminating the woman asleep on his bed. James heaved a breath of relief and sat on the chair before his desk.

He removed his hat, coat, and boots. Setting them aside, he took off his shirt and then focused on his hook. With a twist, he removed it and set it atop the clothes. The stub ached. James rubbed it absently as he stood.

The bed seemed remarkably small because of the woman splayed across it. Her arms thrown over her head, her hair splayed on the pillow, and the blanket drawn high enough to leave a question lingering in the back of his mind. What is she wearing?

He tugged the blanket down, revealing the pale skin of her chest. A bit farther revealed the top of her chemise. James inhaled sharply as his body inflamed with lust.

“Oh, princess, yer testing me.” He noticed a small mark on the inside of her arm resting beside her head. Leaning down, he noticed a dark scar…no, a tattoo? He grinned. It was obvious she hid secrets, what better for a pirate to bargain with. Her scent, the sweet allure of honey and wildflowers, seized his wits. With a glance at her sleeping visage, he rested his fingertip against the mark.

Her eyes flew open. Instead of screaming and flailing her arms, she remained deceptively calm, those bewitching eyes searching his as if digging into his very soul. “Have you decided to take advantage of me after all? Rape never seemed in your nature.”

“Never underestimate a pirate. I could take what I want from ye at any moment.” He traced the tattoo with his finger and letting it trail down to her chest. “X marks the spot, princess. I knew ye’d be worth the trouble.”


Captain Hook returns for yet another teaser. Wow, he’s quite vocal. I may have to write his story. What do you think of today’s teaser? What’s with the mark and the secrets? This is getting interesting now.


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