Secret Identities Revelation

Hello, darlings.

This month I am happy to announce the release of an anthology featuring some amazing talent, as well as two brand new short stories from me! It’s the Secret Identities Anthology from Breathless Press. Super heroes, super villains…this anthology has it ALL!



I’ve made up some fantastic little images to introduce you to my main characters.

First up is my Victorian Steampunk, Bound in Memories:



And then my contemporary short story, Manipulator:



Over the next few weeks, keep a sharp eye on my blog and social media pages for some teasers from these two stories. ❤ I promise you won’t be disappointed. They’re super fun and have a lot of little “Easter eggs” in them for both Doctor Who and Sherlock fans. I had a blast writing them.

Would you like to know more about the characters? Leave a comment with one of the character’s names, and I’ll do a special character interview with whoever gets the most votes!


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