Cover Reveal: Prince of Whispers

princesofwhispers800 (2)

When he whispers, you will come.

Isn’t he glorious? All right, admittedly he’s not Tom Hiddleston clad in leather with a Loki wicked gleam in his eye. That’s what I’d imagined as I wrote Crispin’s story. However, this cover embodies the essence of who he is. The perfect mixture of sadistic prince and charming villain who can make any woman kneel with his wicked whispers.

I still haven’t settled on a release date for Prince of Whispers, but I anticipate either March or April at the very latest. I anticipate on releasing it in ebook and then in print.

This is the first book in what I like to view as a traditional style trilogy. The main plot will arc over the three novels as will the romance between Crispin and Ruby. I promise not to leave you hanging, but you will definitely want more of my delicious characters by the end of this book.

A personal whisper from the man himself:

Dear reader…

If you are expecting a traditional medieval tale or charming prince, you will not find it here. I am not like other men for I have a voracious appetite and will appease it no matter the cost. Do you doubt my confession? Then I invite you to step into my kingdom.

Women were created for pleasure, tis my obligation to see them fulfilled. When I whisper, they come to me. All save one…Lady Ruby. I can see the desire in her eyes even though her pure and noble heart fights against it. She may be an outlaw, but a rare gem such as she has never been found in Meradin. She is my challenge, my penance, and my weakness. Nothing short of Almighty God himself can keep her from me. I shall possess her. Ruby is mine.

Dear reader, will you begrudge me your company when you learn of my past and how wicked I can truly be? Or will you come to me willingly, surrender yourself to my charms, and beg for more? Surely my tale of intrigue, murder, and treason will be enough to tempt you to sin with me if only for a short while. Come with me, and I will lay myself bare.

Prince Crispin Saville

I hope to get him into your eager hands within the next two months. Stay tuned for updates. What do you think of the cover? Ready for some quality time with the Prince of Whispers?


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