Kink and Romance: Hook (as in Captain)

James rested his weary arm on the bar. The hook often added to the ache as the day progressed. He’d only had it a month and still the circumstances surrounding its acquisition plagued him on a nearly constant basis. He considered it pure, dumb luck the croc had not taken his sword hand.

The bartender placed another pint before him and scuttled off to the back room. A lively melody played on the piano, and his irritation grew to the point of combustion when a man took residence on the stool beside him. When the man began tapping his knuckles against the bar, he snapped.

“Get lost.” James practically growled.

After hesitating for a moment, the stranger mumbled something unintelligible and then walked away. James glanced down at his mug of ale and noticed a slip of paper laying on the bar where the man had just been. He turned and scanned the bar, but there was no sight of the hooded stranger. Without thought, James snatched the paper and opened it.

Out by the dock, now. No signature.

He stuffed the note into his vest pocket and picked up the mug. Whoever this stranger was, they obviously wanted a word with him. James snorted and took another drink. He wanted to get drunk, not talk. After a few minutes, he finished the ale and tapped his hook on the bar.

“Ah, damn it all to Poseidon.” James pushed off of the stool and moved toward the exit. “I hope ta hell this isn’t another of Smees brilliant ideas to earn coin. I’d rather die than hire out me ship.” As he stepped out into the alley, the sun blinded him for a moment. He pulled on his hat and swaggered down the cobblestone street in the general direction of the docks.

When he turned onto the narrow street leading to his ship, he inhaled the sweet sting of the salty air and rubbed his grizzled chin. The sweet lull of the alcohol steadied his swaying steps. Too long at sea left one shaky on land, ale often helped balance the difference. The sound of his booted heels on the stones was soon echoed by another behind him. Hastening his steps, James turned the corner and ducked into a small alcove sheltering a doorway.

As the steps neared, he took a deep breath. The figure stepped into his line of sight, and James reached out and grabbed the man by the arm. Pressing his hook to the man’s throat, James held him fast.

“Care to die today?” he asked the man as the tip of his hook threatened to break skin.

“Are you always in such a foul humor, Captain?”

James froze. He pulled the hood back with his free hand and a tumble of riotous golden curls tumbled free. “A woman?”

“Aye, so I am.” She wrapped her hand around the hook and glanced over her shoulder at him. Her eyes shimmered green with flecks of gold. With an arched brow, she asked, “Are you going to let me go then?”

Without words, James grit his teeth and stomped down on the desire coursing through his body. He hadn’t had a woman in weeks, not since the accident. He glanced at her hand wrapped around his silver hook and imagined it wrapped around his cock.

“Nay, what kind of pirate would I be if I let a treasure such as yourself go free?”


Well, well, well. Not sure where that story is headed, but I’m enjoying the trip. How about you? I have a soft spot for villains and Captain Hook is on the top of my list of sexy bad boys. I’d definitely like to pursue this story. Would you like to read more about our naughty captain?


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