Kink and Romance: Reverse Harem

“Hello?” Rachel pushed open the door and called down the empty foyer. “Guys, I brought the pizza.” She closed the door behind her with her foot. The stack of four large pizza boxes in her arms teetered precariously as she checked each room. Laughter echoed from the vents in the floor. The basement.

Taking her time descending the darkened stairway, Rachel paused when she reached the bottom. Five men—and she used that term lightly—sat around the eighty inch flat screen projecting a war zone complete with weapons command center.

“Here’s your pizza.” She dropped the pies onto the coffee table between the couch and the television. None of them paid her any mind but dove for the boxes containing sustenance. “You’re welcome, you lot of ungrateful dicks.”

“Thanks, Rach,” they grumbled in unison and then stuffed their mouths.

She waved her hand in dismissal, snatched a slice for herself, and moved over to the empty recliner sitting in the corner next to the heater. “Where’s Tom?” she asked glancing around the room.

“Shower,” Victor replied between mouthfuls.

“Thank God, one of you knows to keep up with their personal hygiene.” Rachel savored the aroma of the cheese and seasonings before taking a bite. “Where’s the drinks?”

“Fridge,” Nick said, his hands never leaving the controller.

“Grab me one if you’re going.” Victor waved.

“And me.” Ron glanced up from his handheld game long enough to add his order to the list.

“Fine.” Rachel ascended the stairs and flipped on the kitchen light. She glanced up to see Tom, clad in only a towel, searching the refrigerator. Approaching him, she caught the unmistakable scent of his body wash. “At least you smell better than they do.”

Tom turned, a grin spreading across his lips when he caught sight of Rachel. “Who?” he asked as he pulled a beer from the door. “And when did you get here?”

She reached past him, brushing against his naked torso, and snatched a beer as well. Twisting off the top, she smirked at him. “The mutants in the basement, and a few minutes ago, I brought pizza.”

“So I figured if the smear of tomato sauce on your lip is any indication.” He laughed.

Rachel moved to wipe her mouth when Tom caught her wrist in his hand and stepped closer. The tension pulled taught between them as their eyes met, the contact of their skin making her body come alive. Tom’s shaggy hair hung across his forehead, partially obscuring his hazel eyes. They glimmered in the phosphorescent light as he leaned closer.

“What are you doing, Tom?”

Instead of a reply, he licked the corner of her mouth. Her body ignited. He’d never shown even the slightest interest in her before. None of them had. She’d been part of their little group for months, and they’d treated her like one of them. Until this. When her lips parted in shock, he seized her surprise and kissed her. She tasted the tang of the beer and the sweet heat she’d always associated with Tom.

“What about them?” Rachel whispered between kisses.

“You mean your harem?” Tom chuckled, the sound tickling her lips.

“They aren’t my harem.” She fisted her hand in his hair, letting the silky strand slide between her fingers. “I’m just one of the guys.”

“We don’t see you that way, especially me.” He kissed her again, stealing her breath and making her heart pound. “We’re at your mercy.”


Reverse harem is a term used a lot in shojo manga. It’s one of my favorite tropes. I hope you enjoyed my little attempt to tie it into a story.


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