Kink and Romance: Secrets

**NSFW: SEX ahead…if you’re under 18, stop reading now.** How about a little fan fic for you today. Note: These characters and the world are not mine; they are the intellectual property of George R. R. Martin. This teaser is merely a fan fiction piece in appreciation of his characters and his world. That being said…allow me to introduce my indulgence: Red on Red. Melisandre and Jaqen H’ghar.


I stood on balcony mesmerized by glow of torches lining the streets of Braavos. The sparkle and snap of fire as it danced in the darkness. A warm breeze caught the gauzelike curtains. They brushed against my bare skin, and I sighed as brought the goblet to my lips again.

“Come back to bed, my love. I have plans for you before this night is through.” Her sultry voice called from the room behind me.

When I turned, Melisandre lay draped across my bed. Her long red hair cascaded like a crimson waterfall over the swell of her breast and the curve of her hip. The shadows cast by the candle light played across her pale skin. Skin I’d tasted every night since I’d met her.

“A man cannot fathom what plans a lovely woman might have for him that have not already been explored—” I leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder “—thoroughly.”

She arched her back against me as I climbed onto the bed beside her. Wrapping my hand around her throat, I tilted her head back and kissed the fluttering pulse in her neck.

“Jaqen…” A prayer and a plea, my name on her lips echoed in my soul and plunged my heart into a furious rhythm inside my chest. I pulled her close, savoring the feel of her skin against my own.

“Red, how long can this go on?” I murmured against her ear.

Melisandre shifted in my embrace to face me, her eyes dark and brimming with desire. “What?”

The anxiety that had settled in my heart spread. “A man has secrets. Ones that far outnumber the truths between us.” I tightened my hold on her. “Upon the sunrise, a man must leave, and where he goes, the lovely Red may not follow.”

Her gaze narrowed as she buried her hand in my hair and pulled me close. The moment our lips met, a fire ignited between us, untamable, unquenchable, and all consuming. A kiss would never be enough. I shifted my weight and slid into her. She gasped as I moved and nipped my lower lip with her teeth.

As I moved, she enhanced the sensation with her own rhythm. We lost ourselves in the heat, the intensity of the moment. Our breaths mingling as we both reached our peaks and shattered in each other’s embrace.

I pressed my lips to hers once more. “A man will always carry you in his heart.”

She caressed my cheek with her fingertips while her gaze searched mine. “We all have secrets, my love.” Her finger brushed across my lips. “Remember me…remember this.” Melisandre kissed me again, causing the desire to enflame again. When she pulled away, her kiss swollen lips pulled into a smile, her eyes sparkled like gems in the flickering light. “May R’hllor forgive me…I shall always be your Red.”


Hope you enjoyed the journey into the derranged fan fic part of my brain. I love this pairing. And it seems I’m not the only one, much to my surprise. Ships all the things that shall not be shipped in cannon. ❤  If you want more Jaqen fan fic, I have one posted on my AO3 page. Thanks for reading!


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