Kink and Romance: Quim


Loki glanced up from his seat near the window. The book he’d been reading fell to his lap, his finger tucked between the pages as a reminder. As I approached, his curious gaze drifted over me.

“Is there a reason you seek me out, mortal?” he drawled the question, sounding more Midgardian than Asgardian. Despite the condescending tone, the question ignited a desire for home I’d not longed for in ages.

“I wish for you to release me.” I stood before him, my soul bared and my heart pounding. “Allow me to return home.”

He lay the book aside and stood. The glint in his eye and the solid line of his mouth warned of his displeasure. As he approached me, it took all of my effort not to stumble backward in a vain attempt to escape his wrath. Loki stared down at me with his hands clasped behind his back.

“You dare place such a foolish request before your master.” A smirk played on his lips as he paused absorbed in thought. “Have I not been a good master to you? Perhaps I have not been as attentive as I should have been when it comes to providing instruction.”

Loki reached out and wrapped my hair around his hand. The long braid entwining around his fingers. When he pulled gently, my head snapped back forcing me to meet his intense emerald gaze.

“Please, my lord.” I whimper as his grip tightens. “I am worthless to you, please allow me to return to Earth.”

He cocked his head as his gaze roamed over my face, dropping to my lips and then back to meet my tearful eyes. “I cannot allow such insolence.”

I blinked away the tears letting them stain my cheeks. He would punish me. I had served him faithfully for several months, and in return, he allowed me to roam the palace freely. But confinement to a palace was still imprisonment. I craved the skies of my homeland and the comfort of freedom. Never before this moment had he spared me a glance, let alone touched me.

“Do you know why I chose you?” he asked as he brought his face close to mine.

“I do not, my lord.” Why keep me captive and force me into servitude when you command an entire realm of subjects who would willingly serve you? I bit my lip to keep from voicing the question aloud.

“Your scent,” he whispered in my ear. “I’d hoped it was merely a passing affinity, but over the course of your time here, it has only increased my desire…”

“Your desire…for what?” My body ignited at the caress of this breath against my skin. The handsome devil leaned closer and wrapped his arm around my waist. As he pulled me against him, I groaned as our bodies’ heat mingled and his scent surrounded me, leather and sandalwood with a hint of something subtle but potent.

“To taste you.” He murmured against my lips before he kissed me. The sweet depth of the kiss only inflamed my need and confusion. When the kiss subsided, he grinned at me as his hand slid between my thighs.

“What are you doing?” I asked even though my voice trembled and I already knew the answer. He slowly pulled my skirt up until his fingers grazed my bare pussy.

“This quim belongs to me. I wish to be sure it tastes as divine as your mouth.” Loki’s wicked smile drove all coherent thought from my mind as he dropped to his knees and devoured me, body and soul.


I couldn’t help it. Loki is another of my fantasy characters. I decided to have a bit of fun with him today. Can you blame me?


Kink and Romance: Pink

Vivian twirled in a circle, her full skirt billowing around her like flower petals dancing on the wind. She glanced up at her reflection in the mirror. The deep royal blue gown hugged her torso and flared at her waist.

“I’m so glad we found that dress at the retro store. Who’d have thought fifties fashion complimented you so well, Viv.” Jane idly tapped on her cell phone as she watched Vivian spinning.

“I know, right?” She squealed with delight. “Where the hell will I wear it though?”

Jane stopped typing, glanced up, and grinned at her. “Why not wear it out tonight?”

“Tonight?” Vivian cocked her head in confusion. “What’s tonight?”

“Geeze Viv, don’t tell me you forgot about your date with James?”

She glared at her best friend. “It’s not a date, and wearing this would be overkill.”

“Where is he taking you anyway?” Jane asked, turning her attention back to her phone.

“Out.” Vivian hedged.

“Way to state the obvious, Sherlock. Well you could always stay in. When he comes to pick you up, invite him in and seduce him. Wearing a vintage pin up dress is guaranteed to get you laid. Wear some sexy underwear too.”

“Will you stop? We’re just friends.” Vivian reached for the zipper.

“Yeah, and I’m the queen of England.”

“Give me a hand with this, your majesty.”

When Jane rose to help her with the dress, the doorbell rang at the same time Jane’s cell phone began blaring Aerosmith. Jane shrugged and mouthed sorry as she answered her phone. The dress forgotten, Vivian trudged down the stairs to answer the door.

“Hey,” she said to James as she pulled open the front door. “You’re early.”

“Sorry, just wanted to beat the rush hour traffic.” James stepped into the house, his gaze never leaving Vivian. When she closed the door and turned to face him, his focus zoned in on her cleavage.

“My eyes are up here, James.” She chuckled as a pretty shade of primrose blossomed on his cheeks.

“I know, sorry. It’s just…that dress. Why are you wearing that?”

“I was trying it on when you rang the doorbell. Jane’s upstairs on the phone. Why don’t you hang out for a few? I’ll go change.” Vivian turned to head back up the stairs when she tripped over the bunched up throw rug and landed with a thud on the floor, her skirt twisted around her waist.

James offered his hand and pulled her to her feet. When she tried to remove her hand from his, he tugged her closer. “I love the dress,” he murmured as his eyes darkened to a stormy gray. “But your panties…they’re my favorite color.”

The color of her panties? Vivian’s face heated, and she pushed against him, trying to break from his grasp. He let her go and she raced up the stairs, past Jane, and into the bathroom. Pulling the dress from her body, she glanced down at her underwear. Sheer pink lace.

James had an affinity for pink…that was good because from now on, she’d never be able to face him without blushing.


Today’s was more fun and flirty than sexy. But I like the idea of it. What do you think?



Kink and Romance: Office

After what happened, or rather didn’t happen, in the elevator, I spent the entire weekend playing Mr. Henderson’s words over and over again in my mind. Come Monday morning, I wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere in the mountains rather than face my boss. After fortifying myself with a large cup of coffee with a hint of Bailey’s and an everything bagel slathered in cream cheese, I went to work.

The day passed in a blur, and best of all, Mr. Henderson was nowhere in sight. Lydia, the girl at the desk next to mine, told me she overheard his secretary cancelling his meetings for the day. Was he sick? Did something happen? Wait, why did I even care what happens in his personal life? I didn’t care. At least that’s what I forced myself to believe as I pushed to finish the proposal on my desk, the one I hadn’t finished on Friday night.

My phone dinged. I absently reached for it. When I glanced down, I blinked twice before opening the screen to reply. My mom reminding me to come home for the holiday.

“Geezus, Mom, it’s Memorial Day, not fucking Christmas.” I typed out a pleasant response and hit send. That’s when I noticed the time. “Holy shit, it’s after 7 pm!” I glanced around the empty room. “Fuck this, I’m going home.”

As I gathered my belongings and stuffed them into my messenger bag, I mumbled under my breath. “I’ve wasted far too much time sitting behind this desk, and Mr. Henderson isn’t even here. I’m sure if he was, he’d ride my ass until midnight just to be sure the proposal got turned in today.”

I walked toward the staircase, eyeing the elevator with both contempt and arousal. There was no way in hell I could ride the elevator now, not after that night. Well, at least not without getting soaking wet and thinking wicked thoughts about my boss. The door to the staircase stuck a bit, so I shoved my weight against the crash bar and tumbled into the stair well.

“Leaving so soon, Miss Finnegin?”

Goddamn monkey loving son of a fucking whore! I jumped and spun around to see Mr. Henderson leaning against the wall beside the door.

“I swear you’re out to give me a heart attack.” I scowled at him. “If you kill me, that proposal will never get finished. Then you’ll be up shit creek without a paddle.”

“It wasn’t my intention to kill you.” He slowly loosened his tie. The aquamarine one with the silver flecks woven in, one of my favorites.

“Do you harass all your employees like this?” I stared at him as he pulled it from his neck.

He shook his head. “Only you, Miss Finnegin.”

I retreated into the office again and turned to make a dash for the elevator. Slamming my finger on the button, I knew it was hopeless. Even if the elevator was waiting for me, he’d have me cornered in seconds.

“We have unfinished business.” The rumble of his voice behind me turned my legs into molten rubber.

Fuck, damn, blast. I swore in my head as I turned to face him. He looped the tie around my neck and pulled me close, his breath brushing against my lips.

“What business?” I croaked. The smirk on his lips enraged and aroused me to the point where I knew I’d say something stupid if he kept me for a moment longer.

“I read the entirety of your notebook. Your punishment awaits, Miss Finnegin.”


A continuation from “E for Elevator”. I love forbidden office romances. Where could this one go I wonder? Tell me what you think.


Kink and Romance: Nobility

Delilah stormed down the corridor, determined to confront the man who’d stolen the last tendrils of hope from her heart. His men had ripped them like weeds from a garden bed as they ransacked her family’s home and killed them in their beds.

Had she been moments earlier, her blood would be mingled with theirs sinking into the cold, dark earth. She shook the horrid images from her mind and focused on the few words she would have with the king. The bastard hadn’t even been on the throne for three seasons before his men raped the land in his name.

Slowing her pace, Delilah took several deep breaths to clear the rage festering inside of her weary body. She needed to compose herself, otherwise the guards would seize her immediately, especially if they deemed her a threat to the king.

The throne room loomed ahead. She caught a glimpse of the silver and emerald liveried guards keeping watch outside. Her mind set, she exhaled and walked with determined stride toward the doors.

Without warning, Delilah felt a firm tug on her arm before stumbling into a corridor concealed by thick tapestries. A firm grasp on her arms steadied her before she slammed into the stone floor. Of all the days…she frowned as she brushed the hands from her person. Once she caught her bearing, she turned her attention to the person who’d interrupted her mission.

The man before her wore a dark expression to match his apparel. She eyed his modest but well-made clothes. A sword lay strapped to his right hip and a leather doublet beneath his crossed arms. His long, mahogany hair was tied back, although some of the curls had escaped, framing his beard covered face. The intensity of his eyes pinned her to the spot. Indignance rose like a coiled serpent in her chest.

“Why have you detained me?” she asked as she straightened her bodice and skirts.

“They would have tossed you out in the street on your arse had you come to the king in those rags and stinking of a pigsty.” He smirked at her with a brow raised. “Better run along home, schmutzig Kind.”

“I am not dirty!” Delilah scowled at him. “And I’m no child.”

“Is that so?” The glint in his eyes made her blink twice before she realized he’d taken her denial as a challenge. He stood close, too close for her comfort. A glance at her surroundings confirmed her fears…he had her trapped. “Perhaps I should take you in and make you my own personal pet.”

She shook her head. “I…Aren’t knights supposed to be chivalrous?”

He chuckled. “I am a knight if you be a lady.”

“Who are you then? And why do you insist on teasing me thus?” Delilah swatted his hand away when he reached for her.

The man moved like a wolf, striking at the most vulnerable area on its prey. He leaned close pinning her against the cool stone wall. His hands held her wrists even as she twisted to free herself from his grip.

“Those of elevated birth take pains to teach those beneath them,” he whispered against her cheek. “Even I cannot allow a peasant in rags and filth pay court to my brother without a proper escort. Those savage nobles might mistake you for sustenance and devour you whole.”

“You…” Delilah ceased speaking when his lips brushed against hers.

“Would you deny a starving man?”


It’s a bit rough, but I like the general direction. What do you think? I love the possibilities with the theme of Nobility. *rubs hands together* Perhaps they shall make an appearance again in a later story? What did you think of today’s teaser?  Let me know!


Kink and Romance: Man in a Mask

The soft brush of breath against the back of my neck made me jump. I rubbed my hand against the bare skin to quell the lingering sensations. A goddamned Halloween party and no one dressed up. Well, except for me in my bargain bin Victorian steampunk gown complete with bare shoulders. I was already freezing my ass off, I didn’t need Jack being a dick to add to my discomfort.
“Damn it, Jack. You know I can’t stand when you hover behind me like that.” With my hand poised to strike him, I turned. Jack wasn’t standing behind me. I stumbled back a step as I fully turned to face the stranger.
He wore a black suit jacket and pants, a hint of red peeked from beneath the lapel of his coat. The top hat and cane offered a rather Victorian feel. I nearly laughed at the coincidence. But my heart fluttered and pulsed when I saw the mask tied firmly across his eyes. He offered a gloved hand.
I hesitated for a moment before slipping my hand into his, the cotton sliding against my skin and his heat seeping through it and into me. “Who are you?”
Without a word, he pulled me through the open patio door and into the chilly night air.
Freezing, not chilly. Damn him, and damn me. What in the hell was I thinking letting a masked stranger drag me from the safe, warm embrace of the house full of witnesses…I mean people. We skirted around the pool as he led me farther from the bright glow of the house and into the darkness.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked, breathless and shivering. Fuck, I was cold.
He came to a stop near a large tree on the outskirts of the property and dropped my hand. I leaned against the scratchy bark to catch my breath. When I glanced up, he stood close enough I could smell the scent of musty cloth, crisp fall air, and a distinctly masculine hint of cologne and tobacco. The combination put me in a haze of excitement and hesitation.
“I’ll ask you again.” I paused and licked my lips, tasting the wine I’d been drinking just moments before. “Who are you?”
“Tell me you truly desire an answer to that question, mon petit cheri.” He brushed his fingertips along my jaw.
The heat ricochet through my body like a 45 caliber bullet pinging around a metal shipping container. Every sense dulled by cheap wine ignited in a riot. It was the mask, it had to be. Never in my life had I been so turned on and yet so terrified of dying at the hands of a serial killer. I couldn’t even muster a half a fuck to give if he was a knife wielding psycho. It was the mask. Yup. Definitely no doubt about that.
“Kiss me.” I couldn’t believe my own audacity. I should have just ripped my clothes off and screamed, Take me, I’m yours. As long as he wore that mask, he could have been Jack the fucking Ripper, and I wouldn’t have cared.
He hesitated, a smirk playing on his lips. Throwing my fate to the wind, I wrapped my hands around the cravat tucked against the hollow of his throat and pulled him close.
“You drug me out here for a reason. If you won’t use those lips to tell me what I want to know, then I’ll put them to good use.” His mouth opened in shock as soon as mine covered his. He tasted like salvation, and heaven help me, I’d never wanted to sin so desperately in my life.


A man in a mask…one of my ultimate fantasies. I love this. Reminds me of a short I wrote for the My Bloody Valentine Anthology called Dangerous Desires. I do love dark characters and roguish men. What do you think? Will he kill her or grant her a more pleasurable ending? *wink*


Kink and Romance: Library

Becca glanced through the books on the shelf. She could have sworn she’d heard the door close. With a sigh, she stepped back and reached for a random book on the shelf.  A pair of solid arms came around her pulling her against a warm chest.

“I think you enjoy playing these games with me.” His breath brushed against her ear, and her eyes drifted closed at the warmth that eveloped her. “Enjoying your research on Ancient Inuit Phrenology?”

Opening her eyes, she glanced down at the book clasped in her hands. Ancient Inuit Phrenology. Damn and blast. Becca set the book back on the shelf. When she tried to turn, his embrace tightened.

“Shouldn’t you be working, Sam?” She arched back into him, teasing and yet implying so much more.

“Shouldn’t you be studying?” he asked in response, his hand settling on her hip.


His lips grazed her ear, blazing a path along her cheek. The sweet hint of tea on his breath and the subtle musk from his aftershave ensnared her as it mingled with the scent of books and need.  She needed him, like she needed air to breathe. It had only been a few weeks since that first meeting just a few rows away.

“How do you expect me to work when I know you’re out here, stalking me?” Sam kissed her neck with a playful nip.

She fought to suppress a moan even as the denial bubbled from her lips. “I’m not stalking you.”

“Yes, you are.” He nipped again. “Don’t deny it. You’ve hunted me through three sections of non-fiction and a veritable forest of classics. I’m quite flattered.”

“Don’t be. I just happen to enjoy being in the library. It has nothing to do with you.” She squeaked when he spun her in his arms.

Sam tipped her chin up, forcing their gazes to meet. “You lie, quite well to be honest, but you lie none-the-less.”

“I come here to study.” Her gaze flickered to his mouth, then back to his eyes.

“As much as I come here with the sole intent of hitting on attractive students—” a wicked grin stole across his lips “—and seducing them.”

“How many innocent women have fallen victim to your charms then?” Becca pushed against his forearms in a vain attempt to break from his grasp.

He stared at her, the humor in his gaze turning to one of mischief. “Hundreds.”

The sound that broke from her came out half-snort, half-choked laugh. She clasped her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide.

Sam held his composure for a few tense moments before the laughter consumed him. When he snorted, they both fell into fits of hysterics. After they had purged the humor, she backed away from him.

“You should go back to work.” Becca braced herself against the bookcase. He met her gaze. A girl could get lost in those rain-forest green eyes, totally and completely lost with no hope of escape. She had a taste of what it would be like to be tangled up in him. “I have to finish studying for my final.”

Before she could react, Sam snatched her hand and began to drag her down the aisles. “First, I have something to show you.”

Becca’s heart thumped a tribal rhythm in her chest, drowning out the hesitation she’d had only moments before. “What would that be?”

He turned the corner and pulled her into a small room, then turned and closed the door behind her. When he faced her, Sam stalked toward her, his eyes narrowed and his grin feral. “The consequence of hunting in a library.”


Ohhh, I’m liking this story, of course it helps that I’ve always had a fantasy about being seduced in a library. A bit of humor, a bit of sass, and a whole lot of sexual tension. What is Sam going to do to her in that room? What do you think he should do? Let me know.


Kink and Romance: Knowledge

“Brainy is the new sexy,” Holly said with a wink.

“Someone’s been watching far too much Sherlock.” Becca stared at her friend as she tapped her pencil on the open notebook. “Come on, we have a paper due next week.”

“Well, I blame you. It was your bright idea to go back for refresher courses.” With a pointed look, Holly turned to glance around the library. “We’re the only people in the library today. Everyone else is outside enjoying the gorgeous spring weather.” She pouted.

“I promise I’ll treat you to a tall glass of ice water when we’re done.”

Holly stuck out her tongue. “Make that a Pina Colada and you’ve got yourself a deal.”

A flicker of movement behind one of the book cases caught Becca’s attention. Before she could open her mouth, Holly jabbed her with a pencil.

“Now who’s the flighty one?”

“You’re right.”

The duo turned their attention back to their books. After a few long moments, Becca scratched her head in frustration. “I’ll be right back. I need a reference book for this.” At Holly’s nod, she stood and wandered in the direction of the classic literature section.

She meandered down the aisle tracing her fingertips over the spines of the books. If only she could absorb their knowledge through touch, it would make her life so much easier. Becca scanned the titles and found a few pertaining to the topic of her essay. Sliding one from the shelf, she savored the weight of it in her hand and the scent of the crisp pages.

“Can I help you find something?”

The interruption startled her, but not as much as the deep tenor of the voice behind her. The book tumbled from her hands and landed with a thud on the floor. When she bent down to pick it up, she hazarded a glance at the man who’d interrupted her moment of solitude.

Her gaze kept traveling up as she stood. Hot damn, he’s tall. Piercing green eyes, slicked back raven hair, and an infectious smile completed the picture. He tilted his head to the side. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Becca clutched the book to her chest. “It’s fine…no harm done…I’m, well, yeah. I’m fine.” She winced at the way she stumbled over her words.

“Are you looking for something specific?” he asked, his smile unwavering and his eyes dancing with humor.

“Anything that can help me write a twenty page essay on Jane Austen.”

“Well most of the books that can help you with that are on this shelf.” He tapped his finger near the books she had just been perusing. “I think we have a few back at the circulation desk that are ready to be reshelved.”

When he turned, Becca hesitated for a moment, if only to let her gaze take in the full view of his back. Broad and lean, his build suggested an active lifestyle, but his choice of profession piqued her curiosity.

“How long have you worked here?” she asked when the curiosity took control of her mouth.

“Five years,” he replied over his shoulder.

“How come I’ve never seen you here before?”

He stopped and turned. Becca nearly collided with him. “I normally work in the back. I’m just filling in at the front desk today. But I’ve seen you around.”

Becca stared at him, her jaw hanging open like a gaping codfish. Collecting her wits, she smiled. “So you like books then?” She hedged the comment hanging in midair between them with a parry of her own.

“Intelligence is sexy.” He smiled and resumed walking toward the front counter.

“Fucking Cumberbatch…I’m gonna kill him if I ever meet him.” She huffed and chased after the man who reminded her vaguely of the famous British actor.


Wow. I’ve always loved the library, and intelligent men. What do you think? Are smart boys sexy? I have a feeling this one will be continued tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Kink and Romance: Jewelry

The delicate slide of cool silver on her tender flesh brought her senses to life. The scent of his cologne, the heat of his body standing so near her own, the steady rhythm of his breaths keeping time with the ticking of the grandfather clock, and the comforting, yet erotic, tone of his voice as he spoke.

“Wear this tonight.” He closed the clasp pulling the choker snugly against her neck. His fingertips grazed the nape of her neck.

Fae fought the urge to lean back against him. She pressed her hands to her heated cheeks. When his touch disappeared, she stepped away, relieved to be physically apart from him. The close proximity wreaked havoc on her mind and body. It had to be a trick of her imagination, this attraction between them.  Why else would he ask her to wear such a lovely piece of jewelry?

“Thank you, Thomas.” Her fingertips drifted over the intricately carved silver, lingering momentarily on the stone nestled at the hollow of her throat. Fae turned to glance in the mirror. The shimmer of the ruby colored gem caught the light perfectly. “It’s gorgeous.”

“I thought of you the moment I saw it,” he said with a nonchalant shrug of his broad shoulders.

Her gaze snapped to his in the reflection. “You bought it…for me?” The rhythm of her heart tripled into a samba.

Thomas nodded, his blue eyes sparkling. He ran his hand across his scruffy jaw.

“Why?” It was a stupid question for her to ask, but she couldn’t stop her lips from uttering the ridiculous word. She stared at him with her soul warring, half hope, half desperation.

“Do I need a reason?” He cocked his head to the side and watched her with avid interest.

“I guess not,” she replied, turning to face him. He smiled, the sight both intimidating and comforting at the same time. She pushed past him and moved toward where her jacket lay on the bed. “We should go before your brothers wonder where we are.”


Her name slipped off his tongue like a sinful whispered plea to the devil. Oh sweet merciful heavens, it had never sounded like that before, and she’d worked for him for three long years. If she turned, if she faced him, everything she’d worked for would shatter at his feet. The carefully crafted façade of the perfect secretary would crack and reveal her true thoughts. Ones that were best saved for late nights with a bottle of wine, Chinese takeout, and a binge session of cheesy romantic films.

When his hand closed around her wrist, she fought the urge to jerk from his grasp. His fingers traced the inside of her wrist for a moment before falling away. She nearly imploded from relief and frustration as they combined in the pit of her stomach. Reaching for her coat, she swallowed whatever emotion lingered.

“We should go, Mr Darby. Our dinner reservations were for seven thirty, it’s nearly eight.” She moved to put the garment on when he snatched it from her hands and held it for her. “Thank you.” Fae slipped the coat on and walked toward the door. If she looked back, she knew she’d do something she would regret later…like jump her boss, kiss him senseless, and then have her wild way with him until his brothers sent the police to haul her off.


Oh, I had no idea where this one was going when I started, but I like it. What do you think? There may be a bit of symbolism going on with that jewelry. Thanks for stopping by!


Kink and Romance: Impulsive

Since the dear captain was so cooperative yesterday, he’s agreed to join us for today’s teaser. Enjoy.


She pounded on the cabin door. He could hear the timbers rattle with each beat of her fists against the wood. James cringed at the sound of something shattering against the wall in his cabin. He took another swig from the bottle of rum.

“Mr Smee, please inform our guest that she’ll be cleaning up her mess before she gets anything to eat.”

“As ye wish, Captain.” Mr Smee bustled past him and ducked into the galley before returning with two plates of food. After setting them both down, he turned and shouted through the door. “Captain says ye’ll have no supper til ye’ve cleaned up yer mess!”

“Tell your captain he can go to the devil!” She punctuated her opinion with what sounded like a kick to the door. “I shall be restored to port, post haste, or he will suffer the consequences!”

James rubbed the bridge of his nose. Taking her from the docks had been an impulsive decision. Not one he regretted, at least not yet. As of that moment, she proved to be a loud nuisance, but James Hook was not as daft as his fellow pirates believed. He’d recognized her the moment her bewitching eyes met his.

“Would ye like another drink, Captain?” Smee asked as he twisted his apron in his hands.

“That is all.” He waved away his second in command and pushed the food on his plate with the tip of his hook. His impetuosity had always proven to be an asset in the past. Why should he doubt himself now? Especially since he knew who the wench belonged to.

Silence hung in the air, thick and cloistering. James turned to look at the door and arched a brow. Had she finally decided to calm her rage?

Curiosity bested him as he stood and pulled the key from his pocket. Fitting it to the lock, he then turned the key and opened the door. At a glance, he saw her curled up beneath the blankets in his bed. James closed the door behind him and took a step toward her. The stillness in the room made him wary.

Crack. A blinding pain shot through his head, and he raised his hook to block another blow as he spun around. The wild eyed spinster stared at him, her lips pursed in a thin line, her face flushed red from exertion. The remnants of the tray from  breakfast lay shattered at their feet.

“Bloody hell, wench.” He growled as he reached for her.

She jumped out of his reach and lunged for the door. He beat her to it and pinned her between him and the solid wood. James grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled. The curls wrapped like silk around his hand. He pressed his weight against her.

“We’re in the middle of the bloody ocean. Where do ye plan on running to?”

The woman glared at him. “I knew it was a bad idea, coming to a pirate for help.”

“Aye that was a poor decision on yer part.”

She arched her brow and pressed her lips together, staring at him.

James groaned as she shifted beneath him. “A pirate ship is no place for ye, Princess.” Her eyes widened at the word. “Perhaps yer father would pay a decent ransom to have ye returned, untouched.”


Mmmmm…this story gets more and more interesting. What do you think is going on in that captain’s head? He’s quite delicious, isn’t he?


Kink and Romance: Hook (as in Captain)

James rested his weary arm on the bar. The hook often added to the ache as the day progressed. He’d only had it a month and still the circumstances surrounding its acquisition plagued him on a nearly constant basis. He considered it pure, dumb luck the croc had not taken his sword hand.

The bartender placed another pint before him and scuttled off to the back room. A lively melody played on the piano, and his irritation grew to the point of combustion when a man took residence on the stool beside him. When the man began tapping his knuckles against the bar, he snapped.

“Get lost.” James practically growled.

After hesitating for a moment, the stranger mumbled something unintelligible and then walked away. James glanced down at his mug of ale and noticed a slip of paper laying on the bar where the man had just been. He turned and scanned the bar, but there was no sight of the hooded stranger. Without thought, James snatched the paper and opened it.

Out by the dock, now. No signature.

He stuffed the note into his vest pocket and picked up the mug. Whoever this stranger was, they obviously wanted a word with him. James snorted and took another drink. He wanted to get drunk, not talk. After a few minutes, he finished the ale and tapped his hook on the bar.

“Ah, damn it all to Poseidon.” James pushed off of the stool and moved toward the exit. “I hope ta hell this isn’t another of Smees brilliant ideas to earn coin. I’d rather die than hire out me ship.” As he stepped out into the alley, the sun blinded him for a moment. He pulled on his hat and swaggered down the cobblestone street in the general direction of the docks.

When he turned onto the narrow street leading to his ship, he inhaled the sweet sting of the salty air and rubbed his grizzled chin. The sweet lull of the alcohol steadied his swaying steps. Too long at sea left one shaky on land, ale often helped balance the difference. The sound of his booted heels on the stones was soon echoed by another behind him. Hastening his steps, James turned the corner and ducked into a small alcove sheltering a doorway.

As the steps neared, he took a deep breath. The figure stepped into his line of sight, and James reached out and grabbed the man by the arm. Pressing his hook to the man’s throat, James held him fast.

“Care to die today?” he asked the man as the tip of his hook threatened to break skin.

“Are you always in such a foul humor, Captain?”

James froze. He pulled the hood back with his free hand and a tumble of riotous golden curls tumbled free. “A woman?”

“Aye, so I am.” She wrapped her hand around the hook and glanced over her shoulder at him. Her eyes shimmered green with flecks of gold. With an arched brow, she asked, “Are you going to let me go then?”

Without words, James grit his teeth and stomped down on the desire coursing through his body. He hadn’t had a woman in weeks, not since the accident. He glanced at her hand wrapped around his silver hook and imagined it wrapped around his cock.

“Nay, what kind of pirate would I be if I let a treasure such as yourself go free?”


Well, well, well. Not sure where that story is headed, but I’m enjoying the trip. How about you? I have a soft spot for villains and Captain Hook is on the top of my list of sexy bad boys. I’d definitely like to pursue this story. Would you like to read more about our naughty captain?